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I will believe real estate commissions will fall when I see it
How to add a bedroom and bath profitably, as opposed to REDDIT nonsense
RED ALERT: Heritage Foundation gives us only a “few years” until all tax revenue must be spent on debt
Storing important things where you and your heirs can find them
China is a paper tiger militarily compared to the US and its allies.
Beware of locking in ‘high’ interest rates
Recent interest rate drops do NOT mean stocks will go up
Gold is an awful inflation hedge, here’s a better one
Who is the better parent: Trump or Biden?
Colleges claiming anew that they teach students how to think critically, but they do not
‘Experts’ still implying you should wait to buy a home because of poor analysis
McNamara’s morons during the Vietnam War, drafting the unfit to protect the elite
Stop giving athletes extra credit for come-from-behind victories. When you scored is meangingless.
In Superbowl, Tony Romo incorrectly said Mahomes should have spiked the ball with :26 left in regulation.
Deflation in China; possible here? What to do.
You probably CAN afford to buy a home in spite of so many telling you that you cannot
You alway pay market interest rates when you buy a house with a mortgage
The Wall Street Journal and Fox News/Business lack expertise on real estate investment, inflation, and 2024 warfare
How to behave when you cross the border following my hyperinflation advice
Use your state landlord trade association’s lease

Wall Street Journal again claiming homes are in a slump when they went up 3.9%

The Wall Street Journal continues to mislead as to the resilience of the home as an investment.

A reverse mortgage is a great way to profit from inflation by shorting the purchasing power of the US dollar

Wall Street Journal says China may get deflation. What is that?

Do not buy rental property; just more and more expensive principal residences.

Misleading Wall Street Journal story that hides how good of an investment a home is

Wall Street Journal says crypto may be too popular to die. Bull!

How your upcoming or recent graduate can succeed in the real world

What is really change-your-life important, is rarely covered in the media, and what they do cover is chose solely for its ability to get ratings. 

Is an honest media organization possible today? 
Tis the season for Succeeding—Graduation Month, 2019 
‘I wish I had this when I was young.’ 
George H.W. Bush and Mitt Romney were absentee, not great fathers 
How where you go to college may affect your life after college 
It may already be too late to head off U.S. government bankruptcy, but it is not too late to prepare yourself. 
Moving up to high society in America 
How to recognize BS stock market financial claims 
Fame requires that you be one-dimensional

WSJ article is the Moneyball of basketball
A sensible shopping list for when you become rich
Business/vacation trip packing list
College as your spouse hunting ground
Don’t try to change your personality
Find ways to win; not excuses for losing
Instructions for your first convertible
John T. Reed Comments on the book What You’re Really Meant To Do

The INTJ personality type and me

Thoughts on your health from my latest, 3rd edition of Succeeding
Vehicle service check list

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