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In Superbowl, Tony Romo incorrectly said Mahomes should have spiked the ball with :26 left in regulation.

Posted by John Reed on

I just heard Tony Romo who broadcast the Supebowl in a rebroadcast.
With :26 left in regulation and the game clock running, Romo said Mahomes should spike the ball to stop the block.
Football Clock Management
No. You do not do that until :18 if you have four downs. He threw a pass at :16. That stopped the clock. Most teams spike too early.
You only spike the ball when you have more downs left than time to use them. It was 2nd and 7. With :26 left, you can start, but not finish, five plays that last :06 each assuming each such play itself stops the clock when it ends. The buzzer will sound during the fifth play but the whistle stops the game then, not the buzzer.
A spike wastes a down. they had three more downs when Romo was yelling at him to spike it.

The Chiefs have read my clock book. Mahomes did what my book said, not what Romo said. Romo needs to read my book.

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