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About John T. Reed

I am John T. Reed. I have written and published 37 how-to books on seven subjects and one novel: 

In 2016, I published my first novel, The Unelected President.

I also have 8 blogs where I write about headline news subjects, the subjects of my books, and the military.

I am a person—a home-office-based sole proprietor—not a company or a corporation. My wife Marty and my son Mike help me. If you order a book, Marty or Mike will put the book in the mail to you. 

I graduated from West Point and got an MBA from Harvard Business School. I have worked in the fields I write about and researched them thoroughly. I only write about subjects where I think the existing books are incorrect or incomplete or both.

My books typically differ from those of other authors in a number of ways:

  • more real world, for example, my baseball coaching books tell how opposing coaches try to cheat in the player draft
  • more iconoclastic
  • more thorough
  • more tell you what you need to know; not what you want to hear
  • more ethical and legal
  • more safety conscious (mainly applies to sports coaching books)
  • as much emphasis on risk management as reward 
  • more likely to identify and explain the basic principles underlying expertise in the field, for example, the basic principle of offense in football is strength against weakness
  • more strategic thinking (big picture), not just tactical 
  • more holistic, that is, covering how seemingly unrelated factors affect outcomes like the character of individual football players or a landlord’s personality regarding dealing with difficult tenants or how different forms of asset ownership affect various goals like estate planning, asset protection, and so on

I grew up in Southern New Jersey and began my investing in real estate career there. I went to college in New York State and to graduate school in Boston. I also invested in Texas. I am a Vietnam vet.  I have now lived in the San Francisco, California area for most of my life. My wife and I got married in 1975 and have three grown sons. They are graduates of Columbia, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Arizona. The oldest and youngest work in marketing software as a service in the San Francisco area; the other works for a worldwide for-profit education company in Manhattan. One is married. They have a daughter and a son.

I began my writing career in 1976 and have been doing it ever since. I have had this website since December 1996.