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China is a paper tiger militarily compared to the US and its allies.

Posted by John Reed on

I have the strong impression that China thinks it can win wars without firing a shot by intimidation. They are increasing military spending
But their military is still paltry and obsolete with many surface navy ships. Their total military spending is $232B
Ours is like $800 B. They probably have lower salaries so they get more bang for the buck than we do.
Also what war did they ever fight in let alone win? Japan easily defeated them in WW II.we saved them---from 5,000 miles away.
They invaded North Vietnam in the 1970s and were promptly thrown out. We have millions of veterans including millions of combat vets and millions who fought in foreign wars. China has zero of any of those things.
The total number of small arms in China is probably around 3 M. The total number of small arms in 95M private hands in the US is 495M. That does not count those in the military and police.
Are the Chinese going to send a million men here to face our million man military AND our hundred million man and woman armed civilians?
The PLA (People's Liberation Army) is arguably less formidable than the NRA.
We also along with Canada have a profound defense terrain feature: the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
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