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Who is the better parent: Trump or Biden?

Posted by John Reed on

At the end of a 2016 Trump-Hillary debate, an audience member asked each to say something good about the other. It was a nice moment.
Trump said she was a fighter who never quit. Hillary said he had done a great job raising his kids.
Well, that's interesting. Dems can rail and wail about Trump being Hitler and Satan and a Russian asset and all that BS, but they cannot really find fault with his kids. And how a man carries out his fatherhood responsibilities is a sort of core test of character.
With his late first wife Ivana, Trump had Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric. With his second wife, Marla Maples, he had Tiffany. And with First Lady Melania, he had Barron.
The first four are all grads of Donald's alma mater: Ivy League Penn's Wharton School. Tiffany is also a graduate of Georgetown Law School. Barron is a high school senior.
Joe Biden is the father of Hunter and the grandfather of a daughter whose existence Joe refused to acknowledge until he was shamed into it by NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd who ripped him a new one for his hypocrisy, cold heart, and the harm he was doing to an innocent four-year-old girl name Navy.
Nuff said.

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