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Figure out how you are going to get OUT of a real estate investment before you get IN..
Do not buy a cash annuity. Life estates and RAM mortgages that pay a lump sum or okay..
The right things for rich people to buy

Most people would not know how to spend sums like several million wisely.
Can Detroit come back real-estate-wise?

Wall Street Journal article article on retirement finances leaves out home equity

Staging and fixing houses are rarely profitable, a waste of your money.

Investment Basics

REDDIT real estate investor leery of creepy agents want to lease his property

Profit from cosmetic rehab sought by a REDDIT reader is a myth

REDDIT reader wants to know whether to buy negative-cash-flow triplex

How do you buy real estate with crypto? Should you?

Do not complicate your real estate investing with LLCs or other such nonsense

Should you take advantage of an assumable low-interest-rate mortgage

Get title insurance when you buy real estate or do a thorough title search yourself

I will believe real estate commissions will fall when I see it

REDDIT reader worried about IRC §1031 tax-free exchanges

No tax benefits for owning a duplex in a state where you do not live

How to add a bedroom and bath profitably, as opposed to REDDIT nonsense

RED ALERT: Heritage Foundation gives us only a “few years” until all tax revenue must be spent on debt

Storing important things where you and your heirs can find them

‘Experts’ still implying you should wait to buy a home because of poor analysis

Deflation in China; possible here? What to do.

You probably CAN afford to buy a home in spite of so many telling you that you cannot

You alway pay market interest rates when you buy a house with a mortgage

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News/Business lack expertise on real estate investment, inflation, and 2024 warfare

Wall Street Journal says home buying math no longer good. Bull!

The best real interest rate yield you can get is probably paying down one of your loans

Wall Street Journal again claiming homes are in a slump when they went up 3.9%

The Wall Street Journal continues to mislead as to the resilience of the home as an investment.

A reverse mortgage is a great way to profit from inflation by shorting the purchasing power of the US dollar

Wall Street Journal says China may get deflation. What is that?

Do not buy rental property; just more and more expensive principal residences.

Misleading Wall Street Journal story that hides how good of an investment a home is

Wall Street Journal still pushing the 1930 60-40 strategy and its mere 5% returns

Hyperinflation will be worse than the Great Depression

You gotta be nuts to buy an annuity today

Interesting juxtaposition of diversified assets in Wall Street Journal’s 4/1/23

Wall Street Journal keeps hiding the great success of homes as an investment

WSJ’s main home prices ‘cooling off’ writer now admitting they are going up on most of the US.

The world’s greatest short is available to you.

Get the biggest 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage on your home that you can safely afford.

Nicole Friedman of the Wall Street Journal seems to be ignoring all home data from before 2013 in her incessant bad-mouthing of homes as investments
We need a Main Street Journal to supplement or replace the Wall Street Journal
The fact that it is so hard to learn the actual life cost of heat pumps tells you they are not cost effective
Our smiley HVAC high bidder gets his comeuppance
The Wall Street Journal keeps telling Biden how to avoid inflation. Biden does not care. But the Journal never tells you how to save yourself.
Gasparino says home prices will fall. He does not know what he is talking about.
foreign countries do not have the fabulous home mortgages Americans can get.

New housing starts ore down; renovation of homes, up. Both should be down.

WSJ says the Austin home market ‘cool[ed] way, way down,’ but they leave out home mush homes there went up in the last 12 months. Why?
WSJ again features all home stats that are down and puts the prices are up in the last paragraph.
The Wall Street Journal continues trying to bad mouth home values even though they keep going up
Home sellers worry they waited too long to sell. Not until prices fall they did not. The ‘Wave’ prices are still there.
BRRRR is how to invest in real estate in 1955
The vast majority of rehabs are NOT profitable. Here are some that ARE profitable.
Wall Street Journal continues its incessant anti-buy-a-home campaign
Wall Street Journal says current higher-than-normal savings may cushion a downturn. Do they know what inflation does to cash?
Only look at after-inflation and after-tax interest rates.
Hannity says the .75% interest rate increase will cause home prices to plummet. He’s nuts.
Targeted or target-date funds are now hurting seniors. Well duh.
Most real estate rehab LOSES money. Here are some that MAKE money.
Get multiple bids and go with the lowest qualified bidder. Don’t be distracted by smiles, etc.
WSJ say real estate not aways in inflation hedge. Actually it pretty much is.
The number of home sales is lower because of less inventory, but home prices are still climbing
Home prices went up 19.2% last year. Hope you did not miss out.
Increasing real estate value by adding kitchens
60 Minutes defeatist piece about buying a home
The Bond King says beware of bonds during inflation. Me too.
Home equity does not count for “accredited investor” status

WSJ says homeowners get richer when home values rise. No s***, Sherlock?

Errata and supplemental material for the book An American Principal Residence is the Most Advantaged Investment On Earth: Maximize Yours!

Asset protection

Another article full of inflation bad advice in the Wall Street Journal
Manage risk. Do not chase above average yield.
Aggressive tax avoidance for real estate investors thoughts after 41 years of that book
CA’s homestead bankruptcy exemption is now $600K, best in US not counting state with no dollar limit.
What should be in the “perfect portfolio?”
Never agree to a balloon payment.
Yet another benefit for principal residences and no other investment asset
Current high inflation in other countries and possibly taking advantage of it
If you’re sitting out the home market you are making a big mistake.
Street Smart Lou Brown says a real estate crash is coming. No it’s not.
Wall Street Journal does not give worthwhile advice on inflation apparently because it does not earn a commission for securities dealers
John T. Reed’s review of King Richard—the Venus and Serena Williams story
Did an NFL player become a profitable house rehab flipper?
Forget traditional retirement financial planning. It’s nuts.
Jason Zweig’s advice on which stocks to buy during double digit inflation is ill-advised for that and especially for higher inflation
10/26/21 Wall Street Journal article saying Democrats will sink real estate is overly pessimistic
What it really takes to make a profit in real estate rehab
The main profit in real estate may be the transaction costs. Avoid them.
What you need to know about real estate liquidity
Tenants make it harder for you to get rich
Which is better for building wealth: principal residence or rental property RISK
Is your principal residence a real estate investment?
A principal residence is a better investment than rental properties for dozens of reasons
Should hold rental property in an LLC?
The vast majority of rehab loses money
John T. Reed review of Flip That House
Cost accounting reveals most real estate investors lose money on most of what they do
Rental property cash flow went away in 1971
AirBNB too unsupervised to survive
Tax-free positive ‘cash flow’—and no tenants
American Principal Residence... finally arrived today and is currently being shipped
Principal Residence also great investment in Australia
News release: New book by John T. Reed released An American Principal Residence is the Most Advantaged Investment on Earth: Maximize Yours
Recent real estate investment guru online advice not much better than the old garbage
My latest book is out: An American Principal Residence is the Most Favored Investment on Earth: Maximize Yours
If you have an option to buy a house for less than it is worth, get a lawyer to make sure you exercise it correctly so you do not lose your equity.
brief debate about my forthcoming book on investing only in principal residences
Investments where you can win but you can’t lose, or where your winnings are unlimited but your losses are extremely limited.
Betting on deflation?—very bad idea
How To Increase The Value of Real Estate book brief summary
In Back Bay Boston beware of earthquakes and low water table
Fox News dishonest or misleading real estate-related ads
A modest proposal to get Amazon back into NYC 

Bigger Pockets The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner 

I recommend the movie The Pink House about the Kelo v. New London case 
Video about my new book Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors, 20th edition 
Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors 20th edition sent to the book manufacturer 
New 20th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is out 

Your tax preparer is likely playing you for a fool 

Real estate related courses taken and taught by John T. Reed 
What metric do you use to determine your financial health? Income? Passive income? Assets? Debt? Net worth? Rental properties? Something else? 
How to recognize BS stock market financial claims 
How LOW can you go when it comes to your costs of living?
Letter from one of my subscribers
December 2016 Real Estate Investor’s Monthly table of contents

My brother-in-law’s triplex now being marketed in Boston area

Wall Street Journal gets in wrong on Trump tax laws
Changes from the 6th to the 7th editions of How To Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value
Trump was right to say the 2008 real estate crash would be a good thing for real estat investors
How fixer-uppers REALLY work
Media still not quite getting the whole story of Trump Unviersity
Protect yourself from both inflation and deflation

Trump University is worse than reported

The disappearance of John N. Beck II
So-called ‘sellers’ markets’ are really buyers’ markets
Should you invest in REITs
Analysis of Bill Gatten’s PACTRUST
Are you seeking real estate investment advice for the right reasons?
Best selling real estate books
Ethics for real estate instructors
How should you hold title to real estate or your business?
John T. Reed’s analysis of Carleton H. Sheets’ books and tapes
John T. Reed's analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part 1
John T. Reed's analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part 2
John T. Reed's analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part 3
John T. Reed's analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part 4
John T. Reed’s review of Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor by Suzanne P. Thomas
John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 1
John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 2
John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 3
John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 4
List of possible real-estate-investment strategies
Nothing Down?
Ohio real estate investor’s warning statement on Robert Kiyosaki and Bill Gatten’s complex PACtrust for real estate investing
Real Estate B.S. Artist Detection Checklist, Part 1
Real Estate B.S. Artist Detection Checklist, Part 2
Real estate book testimonial fom a Dutchman
Real estate investment misconceptions
Response to charge that John T. Reed is envious of Robert Kiyosaki
Selected responses to John T. Reed’s analysis of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Should you pursue the so-called ‘bird-dog’ approach to real estate investment?
Suggested sequence for reading my real estate investment books
Suggested sequence for starting a real estate investment program
The most common real estate investment mistakes
The nature of investment
The truth about getting around due-on-sale clauses
What bad real estate gurus say behind your back
Why don’t the authorities shut down the bad real estate gurus?
Why John T. Reed created and maintains his real-estate-investment guru-rating page
Why you should not buy expensive seminars or mentoring services in real estate investment

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