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Our smiley HVAC high bidder gets his comeuppance

Posted by John Reed on

For a year, my wife and I paid a monthly fee to an HVAC company to take care of our central heating and air-conditioning. They were so big on smiling and neat uniforms and returning phone calls and chirpy TV commercials.
Then they recommended getting a new downstairs HVAC for our two-story house. I agreed mainly because the AC had a leak, which maybe could not be found or fixed, and even if it could be both, it needed increasingly expensive, no-longer-manufactured freon.
Anyway, they bid over $16,000. We got another bid for $9,000 something. We knew that guy and had worked with him before. We gave the job to the $9,000 guy.
The chirpy smily people turned downright ugly, as if they were family and we had been disloyal.
I just got my issue of Bay Area Consumers Checkbook featuring HVAC guys. They give checks for quality and low prices. That company got neither. 
Maybe they can get the Checkbook to add a chirpy smiley category.

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