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Rubio is all ambition and no principles

Posted by John Reed on

I have written twice about the sleaziness of Marco Rubio with regard to his accepting legal “bribes” from the Cuban American Fanjul family. So has the Wall Street Journal. The latest was the editorial “Rubio and Big Sugar’ on 11/6/15.You can probably read it online by googling the title. It gives additional details.

The price of sugar is the US is double that of the rest of the world. The reason is Rubio and other sleazy senators find it profitable to enable the Fanjuls to stay really wealthy by endlessly renewing a ridiculous sugar tariff which WSJ says may be the “worst farm subsidy.”

Rubio says we have to keep our tariff until Brazil gets rid of theirs which the Journal says means forever. He also says this is a matter of national security. Really.

Rubio has zero integrity and no principles. He is 100% personal ambition. When criticized about his voting record, he points to others with equally miserable voting records, as if he has not been claiming to be better than them.

Here is the definition of careerist from the Net:
a person whose main concern is for professional advancement, especially one willing to achieve this by any means.
"a careerist politician"

Rubio’s picture should be next to the definition.

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