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The bullet at Baldwin’s movie set

Posted by John Reed on

The armorer on Alec Baldwin's movie Rust got the max jail sentence.
1. Why would Hollywood (or NM in this case) ever take a working gun to a movie shoot.this was a revolver. So put a plug in the back of the barrel so it is impossible to fire or even chamber a round
2. Ban live ammunition totally at movie filming. Why would you ever need it?
3. You can use blanks but they can kill, too. One young male actor, Jon-Eric Hexum, pointed a gun with blanks in it at his head and pulled the trigger. Dead.
At West Point, before every field exercise with blanks, they gave us a safety demo where they fired a rifle with blanks and a blank adaptor at a piece of sheetrock. It blew a canteloupe-size hole in it.

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