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Tump NYC judge worried that $175M cash may fall in value!?

Posted by John Reed on

The Judge in the Trump case said the bond posted by Trump was not good enough because it could go down in value during the trial.
The bond is secured by $175,000,000 in cash that Trump put into a Schwab account controlled by the bond company. The amount of the bond ordered by the Court is $175,000,000. The bond is 100% secured by cash.
The judge thinks cash US dollars may fall in value!!?? The purchasing power may fall due to inflation. But that is not taken into account for bond posting purposes.
Hopefully the Jury is more honest than the Judge and sees through the sham trial.
Two of them are lawyers and the problem is mainly legal, not facts. Indeed, the facts do not seem to be in dispute, which mean there is no need for a trial. Just do summary judgment. Apparently, the appropriate motions were made and rejected by the trial judge. I surmise that they cannot make interlocutory appeals (during trial as opposed to after).

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