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Posted by John T. Reed on

Stop giving athletes extra credit for come-from-behind victories. When you scored is meangingless.
In Superbowl, Tony Romo incorrectly said Mahomes should have spiked the ball with :26 left in regulation.
Niner Dre Greenlaw violated my clock management rule in Packers playoff game thereby risking losing the game
Purdy inaccurate in Niners start.
65-7 FBS score?—and it wasn’t that close

What to do about the few high schools who slaughter almost everyone else

Time to stop pretending the Army-Navy game is what it was back in the day

email from a happy user of my defense

Browns lost to the Jets because of a clock-management screw-up—tell the Browns’ media
Ya know those babies being born to Ukrainians now, my college class had one of them?
Late interceptor in National Championship should have slid, not scored.
John Madden denounced Youth tackle football for injuries. He was wrong.
Madden and I disagreed on one aspect of clock management. My version is right.
Armed Forces Bowl clock management
Did an NFL player become a profitable house rehab flipper?
Bring back kick returns
Proposed NFL OT rule that lets coin toss winner choose field position, not possession

Cannot have holding penalties during the take-a-knee period

LeBron may know about the ‘zone’ but he don’t know shit about hot hands
Failure of PATs to use sweep-slide play at end of Dallas game 11/21/19

Heads-up football plays that look like trick plays 

Pop Warner outlawing 3-point stances in lower levels of youth football 
A couple of minor Super Bowl LIII back stories 
Why you should buy one of my coaching books as a gift for a football or baseball player or parent of a player 
Broad misdirection plays 
Stopping the QB draw play 
Todd Gurley showed smarts, but no class, when he did not score against Packers

NFL offenses are now more contrarian 

Army Buffalo football game

How to improve your football team’s blocking
Army defeats Powerful Hawai’i offense by keeping them off the field in spite of weak pass defense 
Mamas, don’t let your white male babies to grow up to apply to West Point 
Broward County deputies look untrained to me 
John T. Reed response to a CA editorial urging banning of youth tackle football because of concussion danger 
John T. Reed’s comments on the Eagles SuperBowl 2/4/18 
There is no yardline where you are better off moving back from the goal line before attempting a field goal kick from the hash 
Iowa lost because of clock management mistake in Penn State game 
Coaching Freshman & Junior Varsity High School Football is now back in print 
Sports Illustrated’s article on tackling 
The difference between good and bad football coaches 
Gimme a break on all this apocalyptic football concussion stuff 
My football books have some great success stories from readers
‘Aggressive’ versus ‘conservative’ play calling in football

On being the first Coach of Tennessee and Redskins player Kevin Simon

Kaepernick will abandon his principles for principal
Youth flag football has more injuries than youth tackle
2017 NCAA and NFL championships clock-management mistakes
Alabama lost because of not being in a slow-down
Journal extolls run-pass option play
Keep your eyes on the ball in a Hail Mary
Did Army miss out on winning 12 games because of easily-fixed coach mistakes?
I recommend The Perfect Pass book by S.C. Gwynne
Boring football plays that should be eliminated
Phillip Rivers spikitis may have caused loss
Ravens deliberate mass holding penalty against Bengals
Both the Arkansas and Texas A&M head coaches think it’s harder to kick a field goal from the five than from the ten. Idiots!
Raiders-Saints 9/11/16
One reader’s success stories from using my football coaching books
WSJ article is the Moneyball of basketball
Should your youth-football team use the same offense and defense as your local high school?
Reader success stories about Single-Wing Offense for Youth Football
Always go for the win with a 2-point conversion when possible at the end of regulation
Did the Packers almost throw the 12/20/15 Oakland game away by violating my clock management rules?
New Niners coach Chip Kelly may be contrarian and warp speed but there’s more to coaching a team
Cheating on youth sports draft night
Vikings screwed up and lost Thursday Night game seeking more when they had enough
NY Giant fumbele on handoff caused by back, not QB Manning
Screwed-up clock management in Cowboys-Redskins game Monday Night Football
Late 2nd quarter clock management

Adverse effects on football team performance caused by overemphasis on loyalty to the head coach

AZ screws up on-side kick by having fake kicker go past the ball
12/29/13 Niners clock screw-up almost costs them final game of regular season
American Football Terminology Dictionary
Boring football plays that should be eliminated
College Football Recruiting lessons learned
College opportunities as a result of football skills
Comments on the When the Game Stands Tall
Comments on various youth football plays
Common clock-management mistakes
Covering up concussions at West Point
Eli Manning throws the ball, and the game, away on Sunday Night Football—poor clock management
Give your team the Contrarian Edge
How my coach readers misinterpret my coaching books
Injuries in high school freshman football
John T. Reed's comments on various youth football defenses
NCAA QBs are not ready for the NFL anymore
Quotes and news about the contrarian advantage from all fields
Reader comments about The Contrarian Edge for Football Offense
Super Bowl XL clock management mistakes
The "off-tackle" kick return by Dan Reed
The contrarian offense advantage
The Gap-8 and 10-1 football defenses
The PAT kick from the 2-yard line was not the only non-competitive play
The place-kick ‘punt
The San Ramon Valley T-Birds "Crunch" series
Troubleshooting your football team
Turbo charge any offense with the warp-speed, no-huddle tempo
What are the most common mistakes youth football coaches make?
What blocking works best in youth football?
What drills should a youth football coach use?
What size youth football coaching staff is best?
What to do with extremely weak youth football players
Who needs huddles?

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