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This is the adequate change we need in government

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The Unelected President Mike Medlock says his head tax is flatter than the Flat Tax and fairer than the Fair Tax. He also notes that the head tax has no tax return at all compared to the postcard-sized return touted by others. With the head tax, all the government need to know is the date you were born and the date you died.

The Unelected President novel

The people decide how much tax they will pay

Also, the amount of the head tax would be decided by the people annually in a binding national referendum. It is extremely crucial that the people vote for their own taxes, not to tax “the rich.” When they are voting for their own tax, they will vote to lower it. That would be a sea change in our democracy.

No more deficit spending

Medlock also wants an amendment that bans new federal borrowing. That would ban deficit spending even better than the popular but not yet ratified balanced budget amendment. Budgets can be gamed with overoptimistic revenue projections. When deficit spending is illegal, the revenue decided in the referendum is also the spending. That is, there would at long last be cuts in federal spending.

Matt Kibbe wrote a book titled “Don’t Hurt Other People or Take their Stuff.” That and one other thing are the sole legitimate roles for the federal government. The other thing is to have jurisdiction over things that cross state or international borders, namely air, water, germs, wild animals, people, vehicles, ships, aircraft, and invading foreigners. The government at all levels should prevent and punish those who hurt others and those who take other people’s stuff. The FEDERAL government has the additional responsibility of jurisdiction over things that cross state or international borders.

Other things must be private sector

No level of government has any other role! No pensions, health care (other than the CDC and MASH units), no charity for the poor, no unemployment insurance. All of that stuff used to be private. It needs to go back to that. Whatever you give politicians authority over, they will abuse that trust and use that authority to buy votes. In the process, they will bankrupt the federal government. They must be stripped of that authority before they do that.

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