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Make the liberals collect the progressive income tax face-to-face from ‘the rich’

Posted by John Reed on

I say progressive income tax is nothing but a Fabian socialist euphemism for the Marxist principle “from each according to their ability.” It is not my opinion. It is logic and the fact that words have definitions.
I also say that the progressive income tax is theft under color of law. The correct tax was in the original Constitution before the 16th Amendment (which allowed the income tax that the Supreme Court previously said was unconstitutional). You divide federal spending by the adult population and each person pays an equal share.
To the extent that the government takes more than that from some, it is theft under color of law and violates the equal protection clauses of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Because the 16th amendment post-dates the equal protection clauses, it repealed them with respect to the rich. The 16th Amendment is the financial part of the 1935 Nazi Nuremburg Laws applied to the rich instead of the Jews. Indeed, one of the knocks on the German Jews and bases for taking their property and not that of gentiles was they were rich.
I have a modest proposal. Collecting the newly upwardly-revised fair share of the rich should be a duty of the advocates of progressive income taxes. A guy busts his butt and now makes $500,000 a year. His tax is $151,655.15. A progressive income tax supporter is drafted like jury to go to the guy’s front door to collect it.
PT guy: I’m here to get the $151,655.15 tax you owe. I’m the progressive tax advocate who has been supporter who has been deputized to get this money from you.
Taxpayer: Are YOU paying that much?
PT: No, but that’s none of your business.
TP: How come how much tax I pay is your business but how much you pay is not my business?
PT: That’s the law.
TP: Doesn’t seem fair.
PT: it’s fair because you’re rich.
TP: Is that a crime? It sounds like you are not here to collect a tax You’re here to collect a fine for my lawbreaking.
PT: Give me the money.
TP: What if I don’t?
PT: A US marshal with a loaded gun will come here and take it by force.
I predict that making progressive income tax advocates collect this face-to-face with the human beings they imply are less entitled to the fruits of their labor than the less successful are to theirs. I predict that the progressive income tax advocates would not like having to leave their out-of-sight-out-of-mind world and do this face-to-face. I also predict a lot of them would end up in heated altercations with the people from whom they tried to take these “progressive” amounts.

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