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Russia’s Medvedev threatens the West with nuclear war over the sanctions

Posted by John Reed on

Dmitry Medvedev, who kept the Russian President office chair warm for Putin for a couple years, is now threatening nuclear war over the financial sanctions.

A. I thought their official line was that they are not bothered by sanctions. If that’s the case, why would you go to nuclear war over them.

B. What is this nonsensical Russian presumptions that nuclear war hurts NATO, but not Russia. A true nuclear war would devastate the central business districts, ports, factories, military facilities, aircraft carriers in Russia and in the US and other NATO nations. 

Russia reportedly has thousands of nuclear warheads. I do not know that they have a rocket for each one. I suspect they do not. Both Russia and NATO have to keep enough warheads in reserve to prevent China from taking over the world after a US-Russia nuclear war. 

If Russia used, say, a 1,000 warheads which would devastate about 6,000 square miles or .0006 of NATO territory which totals 9.5 million square miles. If NATO fired 1,000 back at Russia, it would devastate 6,000 square miles or .0009 of Russia which totals 6.6 million square miles. After 77 years of atomic hype, the world will have a Peggy Lee reaction to a nuclear war: is that all there is?
After that first day, the same world that just unified and attacked Putin in the last week will demand Russia’s surrender and if it is not forthcoming, they will sink every Russian ship, flatten every Russian oil or gas rig, annihilate every concentration of Russian troops, destroy every tank. 
In almost every significant variable, from soldiers to population to GDP to Russia is about 1/10 to 1/20 of NATO. In conventional war, Russia would likely surrender immediately against such odds. Russia’s superpower image is out of date nonsense from 1945 when Russia was the much larger USSR and America and most of the future NATO were USSR’s allies. Russia versus the world after they expend their nukes would be stopped if it were a boxing match. 

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