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Japanese former Prime Minister Abe says US nukes should be in Japan

Posted by John Reed on

Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe said that Japan should consider a nuclear weapon sharing arrangement with the US. Apparently there are non-nuclear allies of the US who allow US nuclear weapons to be stationed on their territory.

The current Japanese Prime Minister dismissed the idea. 

I have said repeatedly that we should provide nuclear-tipped missiles to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Ukraine. The Dems are unwilling to fund an adequate US defense. So this is the only quick fix available.

What about non-proliferation? It failed. There are now five nuclear armed countries from before the non-proliferation treaty: US, UK, France, Russia, China. And almost as many who became nuclear after the non-proliferation treaty was signed: North Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel. Iran is about to become another. That is enough bad guys. Adding more NATO countries as well as our Pacific allies to the list of nuclear-armed nations. Non-proliferation was probably worth trying. it failed. Denying that it failed is insanity.

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