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Regarding new National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster

Posted by John Reed on

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster is the new NSA.
He wrote a book called Dereliction of Duty about failure of U.S to complain strenuously enough against the Commander in Chief and civilian Defense Department cabinet secretaries when they order bad tactics or strategies.

I wrote an article about that (The November 1965 Momentary Show of Moral Courage-by the Joint Chiefs in a Meeting With President Johnson) based on another article by retired Marine General Cooper.

I also wrote my own similar but broader article titled The Morality of Obeying Stupid Orders.

I used the search box on each of my Web pages to search for his name. That turned up this article where I commended him for having a reputation for moral courage, while still succeeding as a lifer:…/69817411-john-t-reed-s-review-of…

He is a West Pointer. So does this all mean I am thrilled with his being named National Security Advisor? I give the same answer I give about all such questions. If he had moral courage, how did he “play the game” enough to be a three-star general?

What is “the game?”…/61085187-is-military-integrity-a…

I hope he is a good man and that Trump listens to him if he is. But I am extremely skeptical that such a person ever gets three stars.

I recently posted here about overly theatrical names. I do not like them. Do I not like McMasters name? I do not like not KNOWING his name. H.R. McMaster sounds like the name of a new TV action series starring Steven Seagal. Grow up.

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