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A biased Democrat newspaper produces an accurate article about Democrat disarray

Posted by John Reed on

Our local San Francisco Chronicle is so biased we cancelled it. But they keep sending it, as if it’s now a controlled circulation periodical that is given away and relies totally on ads.

I was surprised today by the front page. In place of the usual articles with words like “chaos” and “unhinged,” there are “D.C. derail upgrade for Caltrain” and “Thrown off balance by the Trump storm.”

The first is not about D.C., it’s about Elaine Chao, the new Transportation Secretary and wife of Mitch McConnell. (My wife knew her at Harvard Business where Elaine was in the class behind her, two classes behind me.)

The first Trump return fire at Governor Jerry Brown

Elaine not only cut off the money for converting Caltrain from diesel to electric, she also indicates she will not be funding Governor Brown’s bullet train. So go make another sanctuary state, defiant speech, Jerry.

The article also has phrases like “Democrats seek footing and effective opposition” implying they have lost their footing and have been ineffective. Oh, so you finally noticed that?


Trump is a rompin’ stompin’ hard-chargin’, mover and shaker who has been getting things done in a whirlwind for 50 years. The article uses the word “whirlwind” to describe Trump’s tweets, EOs, etc.

Paul Ryan is a very effective Speaker of the House. Mitch McConnell is an uninspiring but competent Majority leader in the House. The Dems decided to stick with Schumer and Pelosi rather than discard them as part of the autopsy of their defeat. They did not autopsy. They are in extreme denial, which is more extreme than “extreme vetting.”

The swamp is swamped

The article says Schumer and Pelosi have been “swamped”—interesting choice of words in a Trump context. The scandals and insinuations the Dems and media are trying to hype cannot get air time because of Trump press conferences and rallies and nominations and firings and international meetings and phone calls.

Not yet set themselves on fire

My congressman, DeSaulnier (D-CA) had a good line in the article:

“Democrats are tying everything short of being like Buddhist monks and setting themselves on fire in front of the Capitol.”
When I read that to my wife she said, “They are kind of acting like their hair’s on fire.”

So what are they waiting for? They think they “got” Flynn and Puzder. Nah. Flynn and Puzder “got” themselves. Dems had nothing to do with it.

Dems’ new leader: Karl Marx

I do not doubt the Dems will eventually be back in power, but it would appear not to be soon. They have no leadership, no stars, no autopsy, no plan. They need to repeal and replace Shumer, Pelosi, and their victim identity group, coastal donors business model and they have no clue how to even begin to do any of that.

The article says the Dems are borrowing Tea Party strategies. I would add, not well. Their demonstrators leave tons of garbage. The Glenn Beck Tea Party rally left the Capitol Mall cleaner than before they arrived.

Trump, all by himself, outnumbers the Democrats

The closest thing the Dems have to a new idea is Elizabeth Warren’s advocacy of Karl Marx’s 1867 book Das Kapital. The Chronicle article describes Dem resistance so far as “boilerplate partisan opposition.” A former local Congresswoman calls Trump “fascist.” Yeah, well, how’s that worked out for you lately. She also said, “[The voters] can’t keep track of the one snowflake they’re supposed to pay attention to, because they’re in a blizzard [of Trump actions].”

Just so. Essentially, Trump all by himself outnumbers the Democrats who won the popular vote count by three million.

2020 gerrymandering will push Dems down farther

Long term, in 2020, Democrats face the worst gerrymandering against them ever because there will be a census that year and Republicans have never had such massive control of state legislatures. Dems current target project is to win back the House in 2018—requiring a net gain of 24 seats. But they seem to have no hope of that at present.

Potahto heads

Elijah Cummings, who peaked at age 25 getting beat up by southern whites to drum up sympathy for the civil rights movement, says Dems need to “push back.” That is the best description of the entire current Democratic Party platform. They are nothing but potahto heads at present, against everything solely because the Republicans are in favor of it.

The article says Trump’s morning tweets now set the day’s news cycle. That’s an improvement over the prior setter of the editorial schedule for all media: the morning edition of the New York Times.

Trump’s free tweets are more powerful than the billion dollars of Hillary campaign ads

Million-Women march versus Pence breaking tie on DeVos

The best Dem thing lately was the women’s march, but in terms of effectiveness, it pales in comparison to the steady drumbeat of Trump successes like Betsy DeVos getting confirmed as Ed. Secretary.

I hope the San Francisco Chronicle does not fire the author of this article for writing it: Washington Correspondent Carolyn Lochhead. The Chron will no doubt catch hell for it. They seem to prefer Dem political hacks like Joe Garofoli.

You can probably find the excellent Lochhead article online.

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