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I no longer recommend Swedish currency

Posted by John Reed on

I added Swedish currency to my list of those I hold and recommend. I am taking them off the list. That country is committing some sort of suicide with their immigrant policy. I have seen a number of news reports about it most recently Tucker Carlson tonight.

They let a whole lot of Muslim immigrants in starting in the 1970s. They are now 4.6% of the population. Few of the Muslims work. The vast majority are on very generous welfare paid for by Swedes who do work.

Rape capital of Europe

And the Muslims commit crimes against the Swede, especially rape. Apparently there are some Islamic scriptures saying it’s okay for Muslims to rape infidel women. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe. And there are also other crimes like murder and theft.

Total denial

Finally, the reaction of the people of Sweden is like some far left American liberal who denies all indications of disproportionate black crime or welfare and calls anyone who dares speak of them a racist and xenophobe. Sweden sounds like the most blind denier of black crime and dysfunctional families you ever heard. In short, they are dealing with the problem by totally denying it exists.

I was just in Malmo in June 2015. I noticed some Muslim group agitating and distributing flyers in the public square. Otherwise, it was about as I expected. A documentarian on Carlson said they now have multiple no-go zones in Sweden where Muslims live in great concentration and do not allow non-Muslims in except, I guess, to deliver the welfare checks.

I will convert my Swedish krone to a different foreign currency. If you have any, you should do the same. Those people have lost their minds.

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