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Pulse Club shooting in Orlando

Posted by John Reed on

Anyone who gives publicity to terrorists and their cause has blood on their hands

It must become illegal to identify the name and cause of terrorists who commit terrorist acts, let alone give their life story and put their photo on magazine covers. They are publicity stunts and any publicity is a reward for committing the act. Those who give them publicity should be held liable and made to compensate victims of subsequent terrorist acts.…/68512835-terrorism-is-a-publicit…

Not identified at Umpqua

In the Umpqua terror incident, the police refused to identify the SOB. Initially the media made a big show of agreeing with that. But the next time it happened that approach was totally forgotten.

TV sports broadcasters long ago figure out that showing streakers and others running onto a field during a game just rewarded the behavior, so they stopped pointing the camera at them or even mentioning they were on the field. They would talk about stats or go to a commercial. But they can’t bring themselves to apply the same common-sense rule to publicity stuntmen who murder. If it bleeds, it leads, baby.

Free publicity for Trump and terrorists

People have complained that Trump got $2 billion worth of free media. How many billions of free media has Fox News and the rest of them given Islamic terrorists? And why are they not held liable for the subsequent incidents after they do that.

The media have to choose between ratings and lives and they choose ratings every time.

Rewarding terrorists with publicity should not be free speech

The Founding Fathers did not authorize an Air Force because they did not know about heavier than air flight. They also did not understand that there is no such thing as bad publicity and that publicity is valuable compensation for illegal acts in the context of a terrorist act. The First Amendment needs to be modified to allow the publicity paymasters of terrorists to be punished for rewarding them.

There is precedent for this. In recent years, Democrats have tried to punish media for giving air time to Republicans. Sean Hannity was sued by Democrats for providing free air time or some such to a Republican candidate. I could not find the report on line.

Valuable advertising for free if you murder people and thereby help TV get higher ratings

So why not sue Hannity and the rest of them for providing free air time to terrorists. Media charge for advertising. Publicity is a form of advertising. Giving free advertising to Islamic terrorists after the act ought to be the same crime as Fox News paying cash to a terrorist if he will murder Americans and give them an exclusive on his life story and grievances.

Local police matter

As I always say, this is not a federal matter, except for border security and intelligence. It is a local police matter. It should not get all the air time it does. Ditto the recent attack in Israel. Local police matter.

Start profiling

Another needed reform is profiling needs to be allowed. Common sense tells us that we should not be letting Americans be murdered to avoid inconveniencing innocent Muslims. The Constitution prohibits searches not based on probable cause warrants and religion and ethnicity are not allowed to be cited as probable cause.

But when there is one Muslim attack after another and many Muslim groups promise future attacks, it is nothing but politically-correct nonsense to force, say, a Swedish-American grandmother to be searched as often as a Muslim when boarding a plane.

There is no probable cause to search me when I board a plane or when I enter a county fair or stadium. Yet they search me. If they can waive the Constitution for that, they can waive it to put increased scrutiny on Muslims.

Getting 330 million people to behave

FL Senator Bill Nelson expressed a “What’s wrong with America” questioned based on the murder of a singer and the Orlando mass murder. Nothing is wrong with America. It’s just hard to get 330 million people to behave.

If you look at a list of causes of death ranked by number of deaths caused, terrorism is somewhere around fireworks and lightning strike injuries or deaths. So we should not be talking about terrorist attacks more than we talk about fireworks and lightning deaths. Yet we are.

Not an existential threat

Tonight on a special Sunday O’Reilly show, Geraldo said the Pulse attack was part of an “existential threat to the United States.” No, it is not. It is a publicity stunt. By definition, those seek more attention than their substance warrants. Geraldo fell for it.

O’Reilly, to his credit, said sort of what I said above. It’s hard to get 330 million people to behave. And if lightning is not an existential threat to the U.S., neither is terrorism, which kills fewer Americans per year than lightning.

Why are KSM and Hasan still alive?

While I am on the subject of Muslin terrorism, why are Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Major Hassan still alive? KSM was the mastermind of 9/11. That’s 9/11/01—fifteen years ago. He confessed and said execute me. And 15 years of George W. Bush and Obama later, nothing. These guys are going to die of old age because of some insane interpretation of due process. Hasan was 2009—seven years ago!

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