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A list of the Clintons’ felonies

Posted by John Reed on

My college classmate John Dallen said it would be interesting to see the list of all the felonies the Clintons appear to have committed.
Let’s create that list:

I started it in the 3/96 issue of my newsletter Real Estate Investor’s Monthly…/john-t-reed-s-real-estate-invest…

Whitewater felonies

The article I wrote was called “Whitewater felonies.” It said she and Bill appear to have violated the following federal felonies in Whitewater which essentially was a series of mortgage applications and documents to extend a necessary line of credit. My source was an excerpt from James Stewart’s book BloodSport that was in the 3/18/96 Time magazine.

On 8/2/78, they told lender A they put 10% down on their purchase of Whitewater land. In fact, the borrowed that 10% from lender B. That violates 18 USC 1001 (omitting a material fact), 1014 (false statement on federally-related mortgage application), 371 (conspiracy), and 1341 (mail fraud).

They also exaggerated the value of their Whitewater land as $400,000 when it was only worth about $85,000. Absent that exaggeration, the Clintons had a negative net worth and would not have gotten their needed line of credit extended. That would have forced them to pay it off which they could not do.

Two or more separate instances of mail fraud in a 10-year period constitute violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 18 USC 1961-8. These are all federal felonies meaning they carry possible prison terms as well as large fines.

Illegal tax deductions

On their 1978, 1979, and 1980 federal income tax returns they deducted interest they did not pay and included the amortization portion of mortgage payments as interest. That is also a felony and violates IRC §7206.

State law, too

My not mentioning AR law violations does not mean there were none. I just do not know AR law. Generally, most federal statures have a state counterpart with similar possible punishment.

Bribe disguised as a cattle futures option profit

The 1979 income tax return also contained the $100,000 cattle futures option profit on what Hillary claimed was a $1,000 investment. But investigators could not find evidence that she even paid the $1,000. They could not find a smoking gun but almost certainly here is what happened.

A major company with business before the state of AR wanted to bribe Governor Bill Clinton $100,000. The Clintons agreed to accept the bribe. The briber bet on both sides of a cattle futures option contract.

Shortly thereafter, when it had been determined which side won, that one of the two option contracts was backdated and false documentation was created to make it look like Hillary had bought it beforehand for $1,000. She then used that fraudulent paperwork to receive the $100,000 cash intended for Bill.

Hllary said she learned how to make the successful bet by “reading the Wall Street Journal.” In spite of her incredible—literally—beginner’s luck on her first option contract, she never bought another. Give me a break! That no doubt violates AR law about officials taking bribes as well as some sort of securities fraud with regard to the false documents. I hope a reader will supply the citations.


The Clintons were never prosecuted for any of these and that pattern of protection by their fellow Democratic Party officials continues to this day.

I would appreciate help from readers on the statute numbers and brief descriptions of the other laws they violated with regard to the Clinton foundation and Hillary’s negligence with regard to state secrets as well as the Vince Foster crime scene, Bill’s sex crimes, etc.

Hillary’s State Department crimes

Here is Hannity’s list of Hillary four categories of felonies stemming from her State Department era emails. I think he got it from former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani.…/heres-the-list-of-the-laws-140196…/

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