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The only secret law Hillary cares about is the Freedom of Information Act

Posted by John Reed on

The various prominent people discussing Hillary’s email are not capturing the true nature of it.

There are two kinds of government documents: those where secrecy is PROHIBITED and those where secrecy is REQUIRED.

The former are documents subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The latter are military and diplomatic and other types of federal government secrets.

As Secretary of State, Hillary probably had the highest security clearance or the next to the highest.

But Hillary had a totally different mindset. The only enemy she recognized was the media and the Republican Party; her only goal, the presidency. The only relevance of safeguarding secrets to Hillary’s life was keeping everything out of the hands of her enemies: the media and the Republicans.

Because Hillary’s enemies lacked any technical intelligence capability, using secure modes of communication was of no concern to her.

Furthermore, the Clintons’ disdain and contempt for the military and CIA and Secret Service meant she couldn’t care less about whether foreign enemies knew about our military or diplomatic secrets. For one thing, the foreign enemies could be counted on to not reveal Hillary’s secrets. Her political enemies, on the other hand, would use them against her. That sort of loyalty to her is all that matters to her regarding who sees secrets—hers or the American people’s.

So her big-picture approach to secrecy was the exact opposite of the law and common sense. She kept all her emails away from servers she could not erase whenever she wanted. And her discipline and that of her staff was NEVER use a FOIA-available communications server she could not erase. They were HIGHLY disciplined in that regard. They had zero discipline with regard to protecting government secrets from America’s enemies.

She regarded military and other governments secrets as some sort of silly bother, certainly not something that could be used to permit ANY Hillary message—even top-secret ones—to flow through a secure government server.

Hillary had the highest regard for preserving her ability to violate FOIA law and no regard whatsoever for complying with laws regarding top military, CIA, and other secrets. She committed enough felonies just regarding U.S. secrets to put her in jail for the rest of her life. If that does not happen, it means the FBI, Department of Justice and other investigative and prosecutorial agencies and executives are political hacks, not men and women of integrity.

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