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No felony convicts should be allowed in the US military

Posted by John Reed on

After criticizing Putin for using convicts as soldiers, Ukraine is now doing the same.
When I was a company commander of a 400-man training company all my cooks were paroles from Leavenworth. Soldiers in uniform. They did not associate with the other men in the company who were attending communications courses indicating they were higher than average IQ.
Did the ex-cons do a good job? No. If I told them to refill the coffee dispenser, they would.
But if I did not tell them to do it, they would let it go empty during meal time.
Notwithstanding The Dirty Dozen movie, I would not want any ex-cons in any unit I commanded.
I had an argument with the author of We Were One, book about the 2nd Battle of Fallujah.
There were some cons in that marine platoon. The book author said he believed in redemption. "Me, too," I said. "And once you clearly have completed your redemption, I will consider taking you out on a patrol. It will be a cold day in hell before I try to redeem anyone DURING a patrol."
Ukraine refuses to draft men 18 to 24. That is nuts and so is trusting convicts.

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  • John, you need to edit this for all the typos. And yes, felons make lousy soldiers.

    William Brewster on

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