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Unelected President blast

Posted by John Reed on

Subject line: My first novel, The Unelected President, comes off the press September 20th

John T. Reed’s first novel

After writing 34 how-to books, I have written my first novel: The Unelected President. The hero, “Michael Medlock,” is a total non-politician home-office based writer. After being appointed to serve out the term of a Senator who died, Medlock unexpectedly and suddenly becomes President of the United States.

The unelected President novel

Democracy without politicians

You got this email as a result of buying my newsletter or one of my how-to books. “President Medlock” goes over the Constitution and laws looking to see what he can and cannot do. He is surprised to learn, for example, that he can rescind regulations—all of them—and he does, all perfectly legal (The Administrative Procedure Act of 1946).

When I wrote Aggressive Tax Avoidance..., I was shocked at all the overlooked laws and regs I found. My readers were shocked when they read my book. When they told their tax preparers about what was in the book, like credit for prior year AMT, their accountants and other tax preparers at first denied the existence of such a law, then looked it up and said, “I’ll be damned. Reed is correct.” I even got audited and the IRS auditor said the same thing about the credit for prior year AMT. But her bosses confirmed I was right. She also read Aggressive Tax Avoidance... during the audit and afterward said, “I learned a lot.”

Well, guess what? The same thing happened when I read the Constitution and laws about the powers of the President. I found lots of overlooked powers. The Unelected President is fiction so you see the fictional new president put those discoveries of heretofore unnoticed power to use by shrinking government, winning wars, and getting the government out of the way of the people. It turns out that all those lawyer politicians never read the darned law, or were too timid politically to use all their actual powers. “Mike Medlock,” being a total non-politician, has no such timidity. If it’s legal to do something he wants to do, he does it.

If you are frustrated with Washington politics “as usual” like I am, you will probably have as much fun reading about a politician who, finally, acts boldly, to fix problems rather than buy votes, as I did writing about it. 

A whole new approach to military actions

In The Unelected President, against the Taliban, Iran, North Korea, or the Somali pirates, you get new, unexpected ways of waging war that put super-power strength against second- and third-world militaries’ weaknesses. Doing that, instead of recreating World War II, results in fast, casualty-free victories, albeit with some setbacks.

Succeeding in a public-service setting

My Succeeding book plays a large role in the novel, because individual success in life is not the same as protecting and serving 300 million citizens and our allies, including a hundred million entitlement recipients, and supervising four million military and civilian employees. The Succeeding book tells “Mike Medlock” that he needs to avoid situations like being head of a bunch of bureaucrats. But he feels he has a duty to his country to remain in the job because, as a non-politician, he can fix a whole lot of things the politicians will never fix—sort of “take out the national trash” and “clean the national attic.” Furthermore, if he resigns the Presidency, hyper Leftist “Gloria Rizzi,” the Speaker of the House, will succeed him.

If you’ve read my how-to books, you got to know me and my family to an extent. So The Unelected President is about a guy you know and his family suddenly, unexpectedly becoming President of the United States and moving into the White House. As much as possible, the book uses the actual events. Where necessary for the story, I created fictional people and events. Those events include among other things:

• Shrinking government
• Military actions
• Hyperinflation
• Federal reserve reform
• Drastic reduction in regulations
• Drastic increase in the number of pardons
• Constitutional amendment movements

Why haven’t our real Presidents done what ‘President Medlock’ does?

The book will make readers ask, why haven’t recent presidents done the stuff Medlock does? After all, many claim to be in favor of the same things Medlock favors. Medlock does not engage in unconstitutional overreach. Rather, he reads the law with extreme thoroughness and asks the top experts, “Can I do this? Can I do that?” Why recent Presidents have not done any of these things, let alone all of them, is a good question. I don’t think those recent Presidents have a good answer.

‘David versus Goliath’ epic battle

It was great fun for me to write, and my family and friends who did the proof reading enjoyed reading about the principles of my various how-to books being applied to the enormous problems of the national debt, shrinking government, defeating military enemies, and diplomacy. Of course, the existing parties controlling the federal government like things the way they are. So the novel culminates in an epic battle between the libertarian Medlock “David” and the 99% Republican-and-Democratic-controlled Congress and bureaucracy “Goliath.”

$23.95 (plus shipping and, if you are in CA, sales tax). Order now so you can read it during the current presidential campaign and reflect on what could be under our current laws and plausible amendments to the Constitution with the right President.

Pre-order now

The unelected President novel

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