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How to Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own How-To Book is back in print

Posted by John T. Reed on

My book How to Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own How-To Book 3rd edition has been out-of-print for about a year. I was going to do a new edition after I did my novel and my first ebook on intellectually-dishonest debate tactics. I am done with the novel but I am having trouble getting to the ebook, so I decided to issue a comb-bound version of the How to Write, Publish… book. That means we will make them one at a time on my laser printer and bind them with one of those office machines that punches 19 small rectangular holes and you put a cylindrical plastic comb on the spine. Its “teeth ” fit through the 19 holes.

My nifty new web store that I have had for about a year lets me just click on a box labeled “Sell this product when out of stock” to get rid of the “out-of-stock” notice and refusal to sell. And I just changed the word “paperback” to “comb-bound” in the description of the book. Comb-bound books cost more to manufacture and are more useful to readers (they lay flat and can be folded back to read with one hand or use as a clipboard), but many customers get mad at me and accuse me of being cheap. If you think like that, don’t buy it.

How To Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own How-To Book

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