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Why don’t Republican presidents do what “President Medlock” does?

Posted by John Reed on

I thought of a way to interest Republicans and Conservatives in libertarian Mike Medlock’s story in The Unelected President. They say they FAVOR the same things as Medlock: smaller government, stronger defense. So why don’t they DO all the things Medlock DOES during his first 94 days in office?

In my Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors book, I say to do two things: learn the law so you can take advantage of the overlooked provisions and where the law is fuzzy, choose the position that most favors you without going over the line into behaviors that can be penalized.

My readers were shocked by that book. So were their accountants who initially said, “I never heard of that,” then looked up the law and admitted it was there.
And, get this, I got audited by the IRS. In fact it was one of those TCMP audits where they demanded proof of every line entry in a 23-page tax return. I not only passed the audit, I got a letter of commendation from the IRS.

Plus, my IRS auditor at one point said,  “I never heard of that (The credit for prior year AMT).” The next meeting we had, she said, “I checked with the experts up the line in the IRS and they confirmed you did the right thing on the credit for prior year AMT.” (It reduced my tax bill by $8,000.)

She also asked what “ATA” was in my inventory in the cost of goods sold calculation was. I gulped and said, “Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors.” She asked for a copy of the book. I gave it to her. At the next meeting she said she had read it and added, “I learned a lot.”


Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors book

Medlock does exactly that with the Presidency. For example, he rescinds the entire Code of Federal Regulations—all federal regulations, 170,000 pages going back to the Lincoln Administration—pursuant to the clear wording of the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946.

He also fires all 1,000 Administrative Law Judges on the grounds they are unconstitutional. Does the law allow that? Not explicitly. Laws that are unconstitutional never admit that.

Has the Supreme Court said ALJs are unconstitutional? The closest they came to deciding the matter was a decision in which they said, “We are not here deciding whether ALJs are unconstitutional.” Medlock jumps on that like a running back who sees daylight in his peripheral vision. “So let’s find out if they are unconstitutional,” he says.

Why haven’t the Republicans done those things, or at least some of them? Why did the last Republican President add to the regulations rather than rescind them, or at least some of them? The Unelected President shows the surprising number of things that are possible under the law the way Aggressive Tax Avoidance... did.

If The Unelected President got into mainstream discussion, It would change the debate. Republican Presidential candidates and Presidents who said they wanted to reduce regulation would be asked, “So what are you waiting for? You have the power under the 1946 act.” Same with other aspects of The Unelected President. Why aren’t you doing, or promising to do, what Medlock does?

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