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Tucker Carlson opposes all military or sanction action against Ukraine or any other foreign nation

Posted by John Reed on

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson seems obsessed with opposing any and every action taken by America and the world to discourage Russia from invading Ukraine and continuing that invasion. I do not know whether he would vote no if he were a UN General Assembly member. He surely would have abstained.

He seems obsessed with Bill Kristol and his colleagues—editor of the died in 2017 Weekly Standard magazine. In Tucker’s demonology, Kristol et al. are “neocons” who have a need to get us involved in every possible overseas war and prolog that war forever.

Setting aside whether that is true, Tucker surely will react to every single issue of defense or sanctions so as to be the opposite of what Kristol would do or what Tucker claims Kristol would do, like Biden almost always reversing every Trump policy solely because it was a Trump policy.

He had Tulsi on. He and she believe the Ukraine thing must be ended with diplomacy and that the military industrial complex is the only reason we are  sanctioning and sending weapons.

So all the response in Sweden and Latin America and the UN General Assembly and NATO and the US  and Ukraine is all caused by nothing but Raytheon wanting the US military to order 1,000 Stinger missiles and by Lockheed Martin wanting the US military to order 1,000 Javelin missiles?

This is the sort of nonsense people spout who think in terms of cynicism and ideology first second and third and about logic and proportion last if at all.

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