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Jesse Watters has a very bad habit of exaggerating almost every ‘fact’ he discusses

Posted by John Reed on

Watters who has a new daily show at 4PM EST does not have the journalist’s fact checking habit. He strings together handfuls of “facts” each of which is overstated.

If he does that regarding a living human, he could lose a libel suit notwithstanding his Times v. Sullivan actual malice protection. He is violating the “recklessly disregarding whether the statement presented as fact was true” standard. For example, he is talking about war crimes. Get too loose with that and you may get sued by billionaire Roman Abramovich or some such—and lose the suit.

What Russia is doing in Ukraine, needs no exaggeration, but Watters apparently thinks every single thing out of his mouth must be overhyped and exaggerated.

If WAPO focuses on him, he may get a new lying category created—most lies per hour—and win it daily.

I assume Fox News has editors, fact checkers, and producers. He needs to get his ass chewed sufficiently to get him to knock it off.

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