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Trump and Biden are not even talking about the big problems: explosions in entitlement spending and dollar ‘printing’

Posted by John T. Reed on

There is a national trend that transcends the campaign chatter. Entitlements are exploding out of control, dollar “printing” is out of control, making cities safe for criminals is out of control, illegal immigration is out of control, education at all levels has been turned into Marxist indoctrination, black-white race relations are rocketing into the toilet led by a race hustling Dem party and Marxist organizations like BLM, etc.
Nether party is doing anything about these major trends. They do not even speak about the entitlements or the dollar “printing.” Those two troubles alone would be enough to spell epic disaster, let alone the Marxistization of the young.
Individual Americans need to protect themselves fast. It used to be said that the two parties were indistinguishable—Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Now, regarding entitlements and dollar “printing,” they offer a choice of do you want to be driven off the financial cliff at 100 mph or 150 mph.
Neither the election of Trump nor the election of Biden is the end of all our troubles. There is a Marxist difference. But hyperinflation is a potential disaster that will render Marxism a minor background matter. Hyperinflation may facilitate a Marxist takeover. All great upheavals around the world are seen by fringe movements as their moment to seize power. The German hyperinflation in the 1920s triggered the Nazis and Communists trying to seize power there. The Nazis won in that case. In the early 1930s, the Democrat left tried to use the Great Depression to seize power and did in the US.
The salient issues of the current campaign—covid 19, tax and regulation increases, who is best to improve the economy—are deck chairs on the Titanic compared to the entitlements and dollar “printing” explosions.

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