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The election is not just about Hillary’s Supreme Court nominees

Posted by John Reed on

This “we must vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court” argument needs to be thought through more. While writing my novel The Unelected President, I had to research and think about such things very thoroughly and hard.

The Unelected PResident novel

The president nominates justices. They do not become justices until the Supreme Court confirms them. The Republicans now have a majority in the Senate. In the event of a tie, the VP casts the deciding vote. Any senator including from the minority party can filibuster the Senate to stop a Supreme Court nomination from coming to a vote. It takes 60 votes to end a filibuster.

You guys keep talking as if the president has the power to appoint justices. Obama nominated a justice after Scalia died. That nominee did not become a justice. Q.E.D.

If Hillary wins the Oval Office and the Senate, the issue will be whether 41 Republicans will stand firm against ending the necessary filibuster. Neither party has had 60 Senators since the 1970s.

Also, 2016 is not our last election. There will be another in 2020. If President Trump triggers a Depression with his promised trade war, the Democrats will win the Oval Office and both houses of congress in 20/20 and they will install socialism and socialist justices.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Albert Einstein

The election is not just about Hillary’s Supreme Court nominees. It is more complex than that.

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