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Slaves built maybe 1% of the house Michelle lives in—216 years ago

Posted by John Reed on

Michelle says she lives in a house built by slaves. Not much. In 1948, Truman’s daughter’s piano leg punched a hole in the floor and ceiling of the room below. The White House was rotten to the core.

The engineers wanted to tear it down and rebuild it from scratch. Truman said to preserve the exterior shell as much as possible. The inside was totally gutted including all floors, ceilings, walls, stairways. It looked like the interior of a circus tent when it was gutted.

They created a steel structure then tried to recreate the original rooms. within that steel structure.

Truman spent much of his term living in the Blair House across the street. The White House that Michelle lives in was about 97% built in 1948. No slaves. Lincoln was never in its Lincoln bedroom. Neither was FDR. The Lincoln bedroom is now entirely a recreation of the original bedroom that was in that location.

The private quarters, where Michelle lives, on the “third floor” (roof actually) of the White House were not created at all until 1927, when it housed White House staff, and was not turned into its current status as the residence of the President, until the Truman renovation in 1952. No slaves were involved.

I learned about all this stuff in my research for my novel The Unelected President.…

A substantial percentage of the pre-1861 buildings in the 20 slave states and territories were built with slave labor at least in part—roughly half the land area of the current continental U.S. As with the White House, most are gone because of rotting and casualty losses. The places where slaves were used to build buildings and other things like roads and cleared farm lands are AL, AR, AZ, DE, FL, GA, KY. LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, NM, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA. Millions drive daily on roads originally built with slave help in those 20 states notwithstanding the narcissistic Obamas’ thinking it’s all about them.

Michelle’s melodramatic claim that she lives in a house built by slaves denies the whites who worked on the White House, denies that it was almost entirely demolished in 1948, and, as is the fashion among many blacks and liberals today, tries to convince Americans that slavery never ended and that blacks are right to complain about it day and night no matter how far it recedes into the rear view mirror of history.

My Irish and Cherokee ancestors were mistreated by their fellow Americans during the slave era and during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, too. But unlike the blacks, we have not tried to turn bitching about that into a never-ending litigation and all-purpose excuse for failure, like the liberals’ beloved old whine.

The White House Reconstruction, also known as the Truman Reconstruction, was a comprehensive dismantling and rebuilding of the interior of the White House between 1949-1952. A century-and-a-half of wartime destruction and rebuilding, hurried renovations, additions of new services, technologies, an a...

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