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On mistreating your base

Posted by John Reed on

During the primaries, I and others warned the parties that they were playing with convention fire when they tried to use various procedural games to deny Trump and Bernie the nomination. With the Republicans, it was “rules are rules” games where Cruz got the delegates Trump had won in some places. With Bernie, it was a sort of pervasive sense that there was no way he was getting the nomination, even if he somehow won the delegates.

In the event, Trump gave Cruz a prime-time speech and seemed genuinely concerned about whether Cruz hated him. Then Cruz more or less unified the party and made Trump look like the good guy by refusing to endorse Trump, in spite of his solemn pledge to do so.

Then there are the Democrats. They are learning what you would think they would have known: Hell hath no fury like a socialist revolutionary scorned. Bernie said he was a socialist, since he was a toddler. He also said again and again that he was leading a “revolution.”

Democrats have been Fabian Socialists for a century. In that context, Fabian means “stealth.” Socialists want a revolution that kills all of us non-socialists, but they don’t—only because they are outnumbered.

Instead, they deny being socialists at all and claim only moderate goals like more regulation of business and taxing the rich. They lie. You can hear it in an old Obama video clip “We may not get there immediately.”

Fabian socialists want to achieve totalitarian socialism, but they recognize they can only do so by the salami-slice or boiling-frog method—so gradual that you do not realize what they are doing.

Berne, apparently did not get the memo. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union. He has called himself a socialist his whole life. Unfortunately for the Democrat party, he blew the Fabian cover and trained millions of “we want to eat the rich right now” revolutionaries.

Now the Democrat party is trying unsuccessfully to put the toothpaste back in the tube or the revolutionary mob back in the closet. It is funny to watch and may cost Hillary the election—ironic considering her lifelong worship of Saul Alinsky.

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