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Should Trump end government subsidies to GM?

Posted by John T. Reed on

Rush is ecstatic that Trump is going to cut subsidies to GM to punish them for closing plants. Is he correct?
1. All government subsidies, mandates, tariffs, and sales taxes should be ended tomorrow by Constitutional amendment.
2. All taxes other than a head tax on each resident of the U.S. should be ended by Constitutional amendment, in other words, no corporation or other entity should have to pay taxes or even file tax returns.
3. Cutting subsidies to GM because they closed plants is likely to cause them to have to lay off additional people.
4. GM closing plants that make cars that consumers no longer want is not news. It is life in a capitalist economy. Trump’s answer is they need to have those plants make a different car that is more popular. No shit, Sherlock? Car companies spend all day every day trying to figure out what new models to manufacture. If and when they have a new hit, they will build or reopen the plants and hire the people needed to make it. No charge for that introduction primer to automotive economics 101.
5. Various other interventions by state and federal government, which are or ought to be unconstitutional, include CAFE standards and mandates to manufacture electric cars have already punished GM for making cars like those made in the plants to be closed. So the voters can punish the legislators who have enacted anti-car legislation.
6. In short, state and federal legislators ought to only do that which they are competent at. In other words, damned near nothing.
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