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Nuke the transgender dusky gopher frogs

Posted by John T. Reed on

In an 8-0 decision (before Kavanaugh was on the Court), the Supreme Court said Weyerhauser could provide additional information about why they should be allowed to harvest timber they own in Louisiana. Why is there any question about that?
Environmentalists claim such harvesting might call the extinction of the dusky gopher frog.
The Endangered Species Act is one of the dumbest laws ever passed. It should be repealed. The environmentalists do not give a damn and about the environment or the dusky gopher frog. They are watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside. All they care about is stopping big corporations like Weyerhauser and anyone else from making a profit anywhere at anytime for any reason. The rare species are mere pretexts for Marxist attacks on capitalists.
The Endangered Species Act is an obvious joke. About 200 to 2,000 species go extinct each year. They deserve to go extinct. They suck. Compete or die. The natural world is a mirror image of the economy. My Harvard sectionmate Michael Rothschild wrote an influential book about this called Bionomics. It said the economy is not a machine as so many think. It is more like an ecosystem.
The business equivalent of the Endangered Species Act would be a law that banned competing against companies that are in danger of going bankrupt. Each such law is idiotic. Survival is for the fittest, not every species or business that ever came into existence.

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