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Post Facebook refused to let anyone see about demonstrations that hurt innocents

Posted by John T. Reed on

Facebook would not let me post the following:
Lawrence Jones, a Fox reporter said today that the First Amendment grants Americans the right to demonstrate in the middle of the street.
The hell it does. When Giuliani was mayor, his policy was that demonstrators could publicly show their support for their position, but he said they could NOT impeded traffic which includes ambulances, police cars and fire engines.
I think a broader principle applies. First, the word “demonstration” does not appear in the Constitution. The pertinent words that do appear are “speech” and “peaceably to assemble” and “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
If there is not, there ought to be a SCOTUS decision that brings in the word “impede” and says no one has the right to impede citizens in their normal course of their lives or government agencies in the normal course of carrying out their duties. In fact, impeding is extortion. It is also the mob punishing people for the “crime” of disagreeing with the mob. In America, punishment is the sole province of the government and only after due process.
The de facto situation now is that Democrat run jurisdictions allow behave as if political demonstrators have a constitutional right to impede, to obstruct, to extort, and to punish opponent speech and votes.
There IS no such Constitutional right and there SHOULD NOT BE any such Constitutional right. The federal government should due the Dem cities who allow this and when they ignore the court decisions, the federal government needs to send in law enforcement officials to protect the civil rights of the innocents who are being impeded, extorted, and punished.

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