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Biden turns out not to be a puppet of the radical left

Posted by John T. Reed on

We were told that Biden was just a Trojan Horse, that Bernie and AOC were really pulling his puppet strings. . Actually Joe told us that by signing onto Bernie’s Communist manifesto. 

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler by signing the Munich Pact. Hitler privately told his entourage that the Pact was meaningless.

Close observers have noted that after agreeing to the “Unity-Task Force Recommendations” with Sanders to appease the radical left into hiding for the duration of the campaign, Biden systematically abandoned its recommendations one by one whenever he felt the slightest heat from Trump about them.

Now, in his transition, he is naming cabinet and other high officials of his administration and his choices reveal that the lame-duck, 78-year-old puppet elect is going to, on day one, burn the “Unity-Task Force Recommendations” in the White House fireplace and ban Bernie and The Squad from ever setting foot in the Executive Branch.

If Bernie et al. accuse him of reneging on hie appeasement pact, Biden is going to tell them, “So sue me.”

When my wife first went to work for Bank of America, which gave out lots of 50-year service awards, she mentioned that such septuagenarians within B of A were “in the KMA Club.”

78-year-old Joe the Trojan Horse turns out to be in the KMA Club, too. And there is nothing heart-attack survivor 79-year-old Bernie the Commie or The Squad can do about it. Their main threat against those who displease them is that they will primary them. They already primaried Biden.

Senile though he may be, Biden silenced the radical left for the rest of the campaign with the now-revealed-to-be-worthless appeasement unity pact. The Squad and others on the radical left have been saber rattling that they got Biden elected now he owes them. So far, his response has been KMA. So now it’s The Squad’s move. They are making vague threatening noises. What can they do?

Nothing. They actually lost power in the 2020 election. Dems lost approaching a dozen House seats. The only net Senate seat they got was John McCain’s in AZ by Democrat Astronaut Mark Kelly who promised in the campaign to be like McCain, not Karl Marx, if elected. Many Dems who survived the 2020 election are white hot mad at defund the police and socialism and the rest of the Unity Pact.

The left had leverage over Biden in the primaries. They could have prevented him from winning the general election. But they gave it up for the Unity Pact, which is now revealed to be another Biden lie—to the Left. Biden’s lies about Trump did not bother the radical left. Now they learn he is an ambidextrous liar. He lies to everyone whenever it suits his goal of personal aggrandizement. He has been a closet maverick, a variation on McCain’s open maverick. Biden has no friends or allies. He is a President Willy Lohman with no agenda other than faking it until he makes it.

Lesson learned: a person who will lie to and about your enemies will also lie to you. Duh.

The Trojan Horse and puppet assertions appear to have been wrong.

Is America better off with and independent Biden who believes in nothing other than padding his resume than a Biden controlled by the radical left?

Less worse off.

Trump has said he is going to GA to rally Republicans there to vote for that party in the runoff. As far as I know, Biden has not said a word about GA. He may actually want to LOSE there to help him fend off radical left demands.

The two Dem candidates there are radical left nut jobs which may be more than GA voters can stand. If they lose, so do Bernie and The Squad. And Joe get to pretend he is President of the United States for four years if he lives and can avoid drooling that long.


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