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Political correctness is Newspeak

Posted by John Reed on

34 years late

We have been treating political correctness as an annoying minor issue. It is not. It is Newspeak. That was the modified English mandated by the dictator Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1949 novel 1984. For example, in Newspeak there was no word for “free” in the sense of absence of government restrictions. Rather, free only had meanings like the dog was free of fleas.

We see something very similar now with regard to words like choice, investment, hate, microaggression, trigger warning coming our of the mouths of Leftists.

Left and Right are NOT equal but opposite

Most people treat the Left and the Right as merely equal, but opposite, political positions. That is NOT the case. The Right wants to tell everyone what to do with regard to abortion, but almost nothing else. (A reader correctly points out that the Right’s position may be more accurately described as wanting abortion left to the states, not abolished. I have heard it both ways.)

The Left wants to tell everyone what to do with regard to absolutely everything. They want a dictatorship because they believe the dictator in question will be their guy. They do not want freedom. They want everything and everybody to give them their way.

Part of a move to dictatorship

Political correctness is part and parcel of that totalitarian effort. The government, which is generally Democrats in bureaucratic positions, churns out tens of thousands of pages of regulations a year. Regulations reduce freedom by definition. So do college safe zones, trigger warnings, prohibitions against exercise of free speech except in tiny, out-of-the-way locations on campus, opposition to Citizens United, complaints by Nancy Pelosi about too much unacceptable speech, implications that “hate” speech is illegal or should be.

Making political correctness a joke is a good way to diminish it and I am glad to see that is increasingly happening. But in another sense, it is no joke. It is a war on freedom of speech.

Apparently, a premature one from the perspective of the revolutionaries who disguise themselves Fabian socialist-style so they can slip what they are doing past you by doing it gradually. It is a mass Freudian slip that ought to be accompanied by the Leftist leaders whispering urgently, “Not yet! Not yet!”

Fabian socialists suppress and hide their true revolutionary aspirations with gradualism. The political correctness wars are the Fabians coming out of their closet a bit too much a bit too early.

Political incorrectness is no crime, moral lapse, nor ethical breach. Neither is so-called hate speech.

Indeed, those who oppose hate speech engage in it all the time. They actually only oppose hate speech directed at those they favor or made by those they oppose. They encourage blacks to hate police. They ignore Muslim hate speech against gays, lesbians, infidels, Jews, actually pretty much everyone but fellow Muslims, and the Muslims even hate the ones in the other sects or the moderate Muslims. Liberals engage in hate speech against Wall Street and the 1% and the rich. O’Reilly engages in hate speech against pedophiles. Democrats engage in hate speech against Republicans, e.g., “They gonna put y’all back in chains.”

Donald Trump just spent 18 months spitting in the face of the political-correctness crowd, and defeated them with half the spending they did. That is a great thing and I hope the rest of America and the world will take heart from that and resume common-sense speech.

Trump was called a bully. I never bought that. The bullies are the “No justice no peace,” Occupy, “there will be casualties” crowd. And the Leftie high priests and priestesses who attack you when you say something that is politically incorrect.

The Left wants to control everyone in every way including how we talk. They hate the U.S. Constitution and are working daily to undermine it and eliminate it. A short while back, Republicans took turns reading the entire Constitution in Congress. Democrats condemned them for their “obsession” with the Constitution.

It’s not an obsession. It’s your oath of office.

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