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88% of blacks voting for the anti-school choice party

Posted by John Reed on

88% of blacks voted for Hillary. Many blacks are waiting for Superman, which was the name of a movie about blacks trying to get into charter schools. Trump just named a Yuge charter school advocate as head of the Department Education. Hillary and the Democrat party, who are totally owned by the teachers unions, will support charter schools when hell freezes over.

Throwing black children under the school bus

So memo to the blacks who want charter schools and who mindlessly voted for Hillary: you’re welcome. Wise up. The Democrats have, and will continue to, throw as many black children as possible under the teachers union school bus.

Send your kids to a failed school, go to prison

I think an argument could be made that children of any color who are sent by their parent(s) to horrible schools should be taken away from those parents and put into a foster home or orphanage.

I was a poor kid, who went to private (Catholic) school

When I was a kid in the early 1950s, my parents sent me to private (Catholic) school, and the public schools were not bad then. They did that in spite of the fact that they could not afford a car, telephone, refrigerator, or TV. And we read nowadays that “the poor” typically have a cell phone, cable, flat screen TV, a body mass index of 30 or more, and wheels.

If your kids are in a horrible school, and you voted for Hillary, in addition to having your kids taken away from you, you should be punished for child neglect and maybe have a guardian appointed for you because you are obviously incompetent at managing your life and the lives of your children.

Teacher and faculty unions = indoctrination?

A Facebook friend said indoctrination is the point of the teacher/faculty unions.

I don’t think indoctrination of students to be socialists is the point of the teachers unions. The point of all unions always and everywhere is to incessantly get more pay and benefits and job security for less and less work. They are legal extortion rackets, rent seekers (economist term), and their leaders are union politicians who get elected and reelected within the unions by using the money of business owners or taxpayers to buy votes in their union elections.

Indoctrination of your children to turn them into socialists is a by-product of teachers and faculty unions and the predictable result of making your children sit in a room with such people all day every business day during the school year. Unions have turned education into American into the sort of “re-education camps” found in dictatorships around the world.

Fabian Socialist gradualism

What the teachers unions have done to education is a profound problem and a classic example of the Fabian Socialist use of the boiling frog or salami slice methods of seizing totalitarian power gradually.

If I do a sequel to the Unelected President, President “Medlock” will use all legal means to discourage indoctrination, safe zones, lack of due process in rape cases, and unconstitutional restrictions on free speech. He will also oppose tenure by whatever legal means available, another education sector scam of the highest order.

The Unelected President novelI heard today that Trump in considering ending colleges’ rights to issue education visas if the college in question has declared itself a sanctuary college. Bravo if it’s legal.

In the first book, “Medlock” already ordered the appropriate cabinet head to deny federal financial aid to combinations of colleges and majors—say women’s studies at Wellesley—that have unacceptably high student loan default rates. And he ordered them to apply Title IX standards not only to athletic teams but also to academic majors like nursing and electrical engineering. Both the faculty and the student roster in all majors, including those, must be 50-50 male female. His goal is not to achieve that balance, but to get the Congress to end or modify Title IX. Title IX has been enforced as if it were only about female sports parity with male teams. There is no such limit in the law.

“Medlock” likes making various proponents of various laws eat their own dog food. For example, he rescinds all Obama orders to waive parts of Obamacare, like the waiver so unions don’t get penalized for their own Cadillac health care plans. He enforces OSHA and wage-hour laws against union and liberal charity offices. And so on.

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