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On strolling Russian soldiers in occupied Ukrainian towns

Posted by John Reed on

I saw a video clip of about 10 or12 armed Russian Soldiers walking in the middle of a street. That was a great opportunity to dispatch them back home in a bag. Where were the armed citizens? 

They should have simultaneously delivered a projectile to each visitor coordinated by a leader on a cell phone counting the three. That would have simultaneously resulted in each of the visiting foreigners going to the ground voluntarily or involuntarily. Then, those who were able, would have run for their lives.

If the citizens are so equipped, and make normal use of the equipment they were given, no visiting military personnel should be strolling down the middle of the street. That Ukrainian town has been taken over by the Russians. If there are 44 million Ukrainians determined to remain independent, they should not be allowing occupiers to stroll down the street. Opportunities often knock once. Assuming that additional opportunities will present themselves is a bad idea.

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