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Attack on Ukraine power plant being overhyped? Maybe

Posted by John Reed on

Tulsi just did a big overhype of the nuclear power plant now being attacked in Ukraine. 

1. The Chernobyl plant was really old and used obsolete technology when it was built. Although it was in Ukraine, it was a Soviet reactor. It was lousy reactor. Their nuclear bombs or some of them may be as screwed up.

2. At the time it failed, they said 40,000 people downwind would die from fallout. How many did? 12 children from thyroid cancer.

3. More died at the Chernobyl plant, but they were physically in the plant trying to stop the reactor.

4. Some expert said this new power plant being attacked will be 10X worse than Chernobyl. 

5. We do not yet have enough to say anything about damage. Hypers say the plant is on fire. Others say the building on fire there has windows indicating it is an office building, not a reactor building. We shall see what, if any, radioactivity escapes.

6. Zelenskyy is one of the hypers. His motive is to get more help faster.

8. I would not be surprised if this is less than Chernobyl and maybe less than Three Mile Island. That would do a little de-hyping.


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