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Obama’s legacy: unremitting black suffering as far as the eye can see

Posted by John Reed on

When he was White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Well, he’s got one now doesn’t he? They had 90 murders in August, the most in that month in 20 years.

When Barack Obama was in college and working in NYC for two years afterward, he decided to go into politics and chose the South Side of Chicago, apparently because it was the blackest district in America. Obama never had any connection to Chicago. He was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia and went to college in Pasadena and NYC.

Anyway, he went there and the rest is history. Part of Obama’s Presidential election business model is to tell blacks they are being treated outrageously (voter ID, Jim Crow, If I had a son he would look like Trayvon, Republicans are going to impeach Obama) so they get angry and make sure they go to the polls. I saw a number of analyses that said Democrats lose unless they get extraordinary black turnout.

I imagine this conversation in the Obama camp as election day approaches.

What molehill can we make into a mountain to make the blacks hate the whites?

How about voter ID?

Would they fall for that? 98% of them already have an ID.

We’ll tell ’em it’s a Jim Crow law? 

What about your pledge to bring the races together?

We can’t help anyone if we don’t win.

So one issue that has worked for that purpose is to say that cops are systematically hunting down and killing blacks, “mass incarceration,” that black lives don’t matter to the cops. This slander of cops has resulted predictably in bolder black criminals and a rulebook slowdown by cops especially in the black cities run by liberal Democrats.

Hire Bill Bratton?

Emanuel could hire Bill Bratton, the highly respected just retired chief of police of New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. But he won’t because of ideology and the liberal narrative. So Emanuel just ineffectively whines about insufficient gun control—the official Democrat reason for the murders.—and another doesn’t blacks die. Their lives don’t matter to Rahm. Their votes did. And the liberal narrative trumps doing something that actually reduces the black bloodshed if that something is a Republican tactic like stop and frisk.

Ironically, the tactic that Obama used to get into the White House, slandering police, now prevents him from going back to his home in Hyde Park in the South Side of Chicago. Not that he wants to. He lived there for political reasons only. Those political reasons are gone. I predict you will not see Obama living in any crappy black neighborhood ever again, or going to any church. I have always thought he was an atheist like his mom and her parents. He probably won’t move into the same gated white neighborhood as the Reverend Wright did, but he will move into something like it.

And the inner-city blacks who fell for the “black lives matter get out the vote” lie will sink into a worse hell than ever since slavery. From the standpoint of the likes of Emanuel and Obama, those blacks served their purpose. They got them into power. They were expendable. Emanuel and Obama will retire and retreat behind a gate or doorman and the inner-city blacks will be on their own to deal with their newly law-and-orderless, ideologically-driven, liberal governments.

Eventually, maybe on November 8th, the ethnic groups that Obama has NOT been interested in enraging for election day, are going to say, “Enough!” This helped elect Nixon twice and George H.W. Bush once.

In the meantime, and maybe even after the Democrat rascals are thrown out of the White House and Congress, the inner city blacks are going to suffer. The black neighborhoods where they had race riots in the 1960s have never recovered. Ditto the top Occupy neighborhoods like Oakland are pariahs to business and the kinds of citizens that make towns nice places to live. There is a great office space shortage in Silicon Valley. Oakland is part of Silicon Valley, but it has a high office vacancy rate and no office construction to speak of because it is so high-crime and anti-business.

The last thing inner city blacks needed in 2008 when they elected Obama was an anti-charter school, anti-police, anti-incarceration, anti-immigration-law-enforcement, anti-welfare reform, pro-dependence-on-government President. But that’s whom they picked and that’s what they got and they would reelect him now if they could.

The single-mom, high-crime-failed-school-neighborhood, dependent-on-the-government portion of the black population needs leaders who will radically change these things. Although there are increasing numbers of blacks who speak out against such things, they do so on predominantly white media outlets and are rejected as Uncle Toms by the inner city politicians and their supporters.

In other words, this is all just going to get worse for a long time before it gets better, if ever. A political party who regards violent criminals and their families as part f their base will coddle criminals and that is a formula for a long, horrible nightmare. Professional victimhood is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

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