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Hillary thinks if you repeat the same lies enough times, they will be believed

Posted by John Reed on

It has long been said in DC that the cover-up is often worse than the original bad behavior. True. Ask Martha Stewart.

Not the Big Lie, but the Endlessly Repeated Lie

But Hillary has created a whole new version. It’s not Hitler’s Big Lie or the real-estate-guru-get-rich-quick Attractive Lie. This is the “if I tell the same barefaced lies enough times, you will ultimately believe me and ignore all evidence to the contrary, even when they keep juxtaposing my lies next to the video clips of the FBI Director squarely calling them false.”

It is good that Trey Gowdy is a prominent Congressman. He was a prosecutor and is very good at summarizing the case against Hillary with regard to Benghazi, emails, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, and perhaps, now, failure to disclose a material fact—her poor health—in a federal matter.

908. Elements of 18 U.S.C. § 1001

Section 1001's statutory terms are violated if someone:

"falsifies, conceals or covers up by any trick, scheme or device a material fact,"
"makes any false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations,"
"makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry"
and, for cases arising after the 1996 amendments, the item at issue was material.
Whether the above acts are criminal depends on whether there is an affirmative response to each of the following questions:

Was the act or statement material?
Was the act within the jurisdiction of a department or agency of the United States? and
Was the act done knowingly and willfully?

And if lying about your health when you are a Presidential election nominee does not fall within the jurisdiction of a department or agency of the United States, that would constitute a rather dangerous hole in the Constitution’s requirements to be President.

Let independent board see health records and give candidates a physical

I suggest that the health records of the candidates NOT be made public, but that they be made available to federal doctors or some independent board of outside doctors and that that board render a verdict as to whether the individuals in question are physically fit to be President. We don’t need to know about embarrassing health problems if they would not interfere with performance of duties. But we DO need to know if they WOULD interfere with performance of duties. Maybe the board does not have the power to prevent the person from becoming President, but they absolutely have the power and the duty to release to the public solely the PARTS of the health record and exam that relate to ability to do the job.

Let the voters decide is inadequate

The federal courts often defer to the political process—letting the public take care of it at the polls. But that is generally BS. For one thing, the public is presented with a huge package of often conflicting facts about each candidate. They are forced to take the bad with the good. Many voters or potential voters do not do any homework. And we voters do not have subpoena power to get at pertinent, available, but not voluntarily-disclosed, facts. It is disingenuous for judges to say that the public is better qualified or the only permissible Constitutional decision maker under such circumstances. We need either the courts or a Constitutional amendment to fix this.

President is the only sensitive federal job Hillary would be allowed to have

Another aspect of this which is ridiculous is the ability of the President to get a security clearance without the slightest check and even ignoring already public facts that show the winner of the presidential election should NOT get a clearance.

The highest security clearance on earth is POTUS-only, which is prominent in my new novel. Yet it is also the only security clearance you get without having to be checked out at all. That is beyond absurd.

The Unelected President novelTo enter West Point, I had to get a secret clearance. Army Intelligence guys were going around town where I lived asking if I could be trusted with U.S. secrets in the spring of my senior year of high school. I was 17. Again, when I graduated from college I was checked again pursuant to getting me a top secret clearance. I was working as a bar tender at the Jersey shore on graduation leave when Army Intelligence guys came to interview me.

I had to go through more security clearance hoops at 17 to become a cadet than she does at 68 to become President of the United States

If Hillary applied for any federal job other than President that required a security clearance, she would have no hope in hell of getting that clearance because of her mishandling of state secrets when she was Secretary of State, but she can, and probably will, get the highest security clearance on earth because that is the only job in the federal government that involves secrets and has absolutely no clearance requirements at all. Insane.

They would not even be approved as White House tenants

In that same vein, I wrote in a prior post that she and Bill would not be accepted as tenants of the White House because the last time they lived there they violated the lease: subletting the Lincoln Bedroom without the landlord’s permission and giving the rent to a private organization—the Democrat party; engaging in illegal behavior, namely assaulting females, engaging in unwanted touching of females, exposing oneself to females; and stealing hundreds of thousand of dollars of White House property upon move-out.

By normal landlord standards, if Hillary were elected, she and Bill should be given a housing voucher and told to go live at the Watergate or somewhere, but not allowed to be tenants a second time in the White House after all the serious lease violations they committed the first time.

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