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Mass shootings kill tiny numbers of people; liberals do not care about preventing death, just about hating gun owners

Posted by John T. Reed on

Liberals are in their usual tizzy about some whack job shooting people. Whenever premature deaths are a hot topic, I turn to all causes of death ranked.

Police shootings rank 58th

Homicide by gun shot ranked 31st 14,542 in 2020 

Most of the causes of death that kill far more people than gun homicides are preventable or reduce-able to an extent. If we are against preventable early death, we should be spending more time and effort and money on heart disease, lung cancer, drug over dose, high blood pressure, obesity, drunk drivers.

If you are spending more time, effort, and money on something that kills 14,542 than on heart disease that kills 647,457, you are not about premature death prevention, you are about hating Americans who own guns because they do not have the same views that you do on home defense but falsely claiming you are just anti-preventable death.

Furthermore, the various gun-control proposals would not have prevented the alleged recent incident. Background checks are the current “solution.” But mass shooters keep passing the background checks. Sometimes because bureaucrats cannot be bothered to put the bad information into the database. Sometimes, there is no bad behavior to input. The first bad behavior by the shooter in many cases is the mass shooting.

The gun control advocates are liars. They say they oppose preventable early deaths, then walk past the various preventable causes that kill millions a year and go into a rage over passing gun laws that would likely not save even a single life if passed.

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