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If your chain of custody is not secure, your state legislature casts your electoral votes

Posted by John T. Reed on

I do not know if Trump has proof of voter fraud. If he does, I expect his lawyers are getting ready to offer it.

They should be looking for all deviations from past voting patters in the district in question or differences between voting patterns around the US in 2020. Some differences are normal.

450,000 ballots with one candidate only voted for sounds fraudulent, but I need to know the normal pattern. Numerical tabulations that violate the “10% for each digit on the right end of the number” normal pattern and Benford’s Law regarding the left-hand digit.

Americans have plenty of experience with a chain of custody. You order something from the Internet. Nowadays, you can see it moving across the country with your tracking number. The shipping company knows who had it each step of the way and if it goes missing, which guy was the last to acknowledge receiving it is in trouble.

My late brother-in-law left gold and silver coins to my wife. They were hidden where he lived on the east coast. We found them and sent them to our home in CA by the U.S, postal service. That is done by Registered Mail.

Here is a YouTube about how to do that. 

I believe all registered mail is required to be handled by two persons at all stages. . Simple solution: have all ballots moved from the voting place to the counting location by registered mail. I trust the postal service. Most people do. And if they screw it up somewhere, we have the names of the two people who lost it.

This is also routine regarding evidence in criminal cases. It is either signed for while moving or locked up by the last guy who signed for it. . If you break the chain of custody, inadmissible.

Again, the Constitution give state legislatures, not voters the power to allocated electoral votes in presidential elections. Letting the voters do it is nothing by delegation by each state legislature for PR purposes.

Concomitant with that delegation is that those to whom the transport and counting of the votes is entrusted is that they maintain a trusted unbroken chain of custody. When they cannot be bothered to do that, the power to handle and count votes is undelegated back to the state legislature by operation of law.

The U.S. government does this every day on many venues and different departments and types of items. I already mentioned the postal service.

There is also the Federal Reserve. My wife used to work there. I took a tour of both the NY Fed where they have foreign owned gold—I was in that vault—I also took a tour of the San Francisco Fed cash handing basement.

There everyone works in pair and who your partner is keeps changing constantly. The walls are all glass so what each person is doing can be observed and videoed from 360º. These people are handling millions of dollars in cash. They have pallets of it you can see all over. A pallet of $20s is $43 million they told us.

Every day, armored cars roll in and out of the Fed carrying the cash of the day to and from banks and merchants—daily receipts coming in and change going out.

Every single bill is machine checked to make sure it is not counterfeit. They find counterfeit daily. The machine spits it out and the account of the person who submitted that batch of currency as a deposit is debited accordingly.

There is no argument about it. And the counterfeit money is destroyed for obvious reasons, not given to the depositor for investigation or litigation. If there were some pattern, they would preserve it for investigation purposes.

The federal government also handles stamps, federal bonds, coin, precious metal coins, personnel records, secret and top secret clearances and documents, prescription medicines, and more in similar manner.

There is one party that opposes all movement toward more secure elections like calling voter ID voter suppression, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, checking signatures, you name it. That party is the Democrats and they oppose those things for one reason: because they want to cheat.

Maintaining a proper chain of custody is routine in government operations every day of the week. We would not tolerate a single breach of safe chains of custody for evidence or all the other matters listed above.

The only reason to tolerate it in voting is Democrats want to be able to cheat and they have intimidated the Republicans out of any improvements in security. The evidence of cheating in vote counting has existed in media stories going back through history. It is a long-standing joke regarding Democrat elections in Chicago and New Orleans.

It is not funny and it can and should be ended right now.

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