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Election, revolution, whatever means Dems win

Posted by John T. Reed on

Dems are looking forward to and ginning up election riots. My local Communist paper headline is "sending a message Election Protests? Probably For Days unrest could last weeks as votes across nation are counted, price say"
Why are they doing this? They fear another loss and they are fed up with democracy resulting in the wrong side winning. They are trying to morph elections into a Jacobin process like the French Revolution. If we do have a French Revolution, I think the Dems will lose that, too. Their radical left took over the party which may result in a Dem victory at the polls, but they do not have a mandate for a revolution.
The Dem position on the US form of government now is whatever system or lack of a system results in us getting our way is legitimate and any system that does not result in us getting our way is illegitimate.

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