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Hillary’s mistakes all favor her, i.e., they are not mistakes

Posted by John Reed on

Hillary claims mistakes were made. True mistakes go both ways. About half help you and half hurt you.
When all the mistakes helped you, which appears to be the case with Hillary, they were at least half NOT mistakes, but deliberate misbehaviors, not inadvertent.
This is a crude cousin of Benford’s Law which tells you whether financial and other types of numbers have been falsified by comparing the incidence of certain digits in certain positions in random sets to those in faked sets.
Benford’s Law: the principle that in any large, randomly produced set of natural numbers, such as tables of logarithms or corporate sales statistics, around 30 percent will begin with the digit 1, 18 percent with 2, and so on, with the smallest percentage beginning with 9. The law is applied in analyzing the validity of statistics and financial records.
My crude Reed’s Law is about half of true mistakes will be in your favor and about half not in your favor. The more the direction of the mistakes deviates from that 50% rule, the greater the likelihood they are deliberate misbehaviors, not honest mistakes.
Here’s a web article on Benford’s Law which is quite fascinating and useful. It might be fun to apply to numbers supplied by Hillary and Trump in tax returns, FEC filings, and so on.
You don’t always need a quid pro quo or a confession or a body or an eyewitness to prove a crime. Circumstantial evidence is admissible evidence and in many cases, the perp was convicted on nothing but circumstantial evidence. The problem with convicting Hillary is not that a jude or jury won’t recognize her lies for what they are. it is that the Obama Administration won’t let the case be presented to a judge or jury. In that case, the perp always gets off no matter how much evidence could be presented.
There is also the self-servingly selective memories of the various Clinton people. I believe there are experts who can show that those people are suspiciously better at remembering what makes them look good and downright
awful at remembering what makes them look bad. Same deal as the mistakes all going one way.

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