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Calm down about AI. It is not regulatable.

Posted by John Reed on

I continue to marvel at the agida over AI. Politicians want to regulate it. They cannot even define it and if you can’t define it, you cannot regulate it.
Also, AI is letters and numbers, a.k.a. speech. Utterly unregulatable per the First Amendment.
Probably, all the regulating that can be done is already law. No fraud. No libel. No invasion of privacy. No harassment. No stalking.
Tik Tok in China is much nicer than Tik Tok in America. Uh, that's because China is a Communist dictatorship. Parents need to monitor and control what kids see on their screens, not the Deep State.
I do not even think AI is a thing. The earliest thermostats were AI. They had a coil of room-temperature sensitive wire whose expansion or contraction would turn heat and/or air conditioning on or off.
Not really intelligence in a human sense, but "smart" enough to maintain a comfortable room temperature and conserve energy.
The currently famous ChatGPT appears to know grammar and punctuation rules and how to gather key words and phrases and arrange them in a specified quantity. That is arguably just a more advanced version of word processing and Google search.

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