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Vehicle service check list

Posted by John Reed on

I took my car in for a recall and service this morning, drove all the way home in a loaner car and realized my house key was with my car key at the dealership. A wasted hour of driving back to get the house key. I also forgot to take one of my Coke Zero’s out of the trunk and thereby blew my diet at McDonalds drinking a regular Coke. I do not like the taste of Diet Coke and Coke Zero is sold in restaruants in Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but for some reason not much here in the US. On another occasion in the past, I left my prescriptions Ray Ban sunglasses in the car and they disappeared.

So here is my checklist for taking my car in for service or a car wash.

Remove from car:

• sunglasses or regular glasses

• Fastrack device for avoiding stopping to pay bridge tolls

• iPod

• house and other keys attached to car key

• garage-door opener if portable

• glove-compartment items not intended to be left during service

• second glove-compartment items not intended to be left

• center-console items not intended to be left

• driver-side-door pocket items not intended to be left

• passenger-side-door pocket items not intended to be left

• driver-side-back-of-seat pocket items not intended to be left

• passenger-side-back-of-seat pocket items not intended to be left

• devices attached to cigarette lighter being recharged

• charging device pligged into cigarette lighter (AC inverter or DC charger)

• front passenger seat and floor in front of front passenger seat

• back seat

• turn off radio or otherwise lower antenna (car wash)

• CDs in CD player

• cassettes in cassette player

• items clipped to dirver-side visor not intended to be left

• cell phone in mount

• pad computer in mount

• portable GPS device

• items in compartment designed to hold glasses

• cup-holder contents not intended to be left

• change for tolls/parking meters in change compartment

• change radio station from political talk station to avoid antagonizing opposite political view workers

• items clipped to passenger-side visor not intended to be left

• trunk

As with my other Web checklists, please tell me if you think of anything I omitted here.

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