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Gates and Judge Napolitano making hard-hitting statements

Posted by John Reed on

Some powerful, candid stuff coming out the mouths of Robert Gates and Judge Napolitano recently on TV.

Gates essentially said Obama did not believe in the mission in Afghanistan. In other words, he let people die for his personal political career. 

My Unelected President doesn’t believe in the mission there either. Around his second day in office he instantly yanks all U.S. personnel out of the country. That’s the kind of stuff you get when the president is not a politician.

I recently said I doubted the Justice Department or FBI would prosecute Hillary no matter what they find. I also said she may be overplaying her hand by laughing at those who suggest she did something wrong—creating bulletin board material that will infuse the FBI, etc. with steely determination.

Napolitano knows more about such things than I. He was the youngest judge in NJ at one time—state court. He says that law-enforecment personnel really get angry about obstruction of justice, especially when the obstructor is a high-ranking government official. He further said that if the brass at the FBI and Justice refuse to prosecute, you can expect high-level resignations in protest and leaks of the incriminating evidence. In other words, he is saying this is probably too hot for the brass to successfully stifle it.

I hope so. This next election may seem like some truth-is-stranger-than-fiction cable TV drama series. Even Hollywood would not write a script with Bill and Hillary behavior. Their villains are smarter and have stronger motives than just being a total, self-indulgent, “we can talk our way out of anything” jerk.

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