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Hillary may cackle her way to defeat—or even jail

Posted by John Reed on

Hillary spent a fair amount of her time on Sunday Morning TV yesterday theatrically cackling in response to questions about her emails. When Jake Tapper said, “A lot of people think this is not a laughing matter,” she cackled some more.
Here is item #23 from my popular (according to Google Analytics) article “Intellectually-honest and intellectually-dishonest debate tactics:” (
23. Theatrical fake laughter or sighs: This can be wordless, but it says “What you just said is so ridiculously wrong that we must laugh at it.” Hillary tried this (theatrical laughter) without much success in the 2008 presidential campaign. Biden did it to Paul Ryan in their 2012 VP debate. It is intellectually dishonest and devoid of any intelligence, facts, or logic.
The whole Democrat party laughed at Sarah Palin. They were successful with this tactic. But that was in spite of the fact that, conspicuous by its absence in that “explanation” of how she was such a joke, was any evidence or logic. How is a guy who was never mayor or governor or head of anything else better qualified for the top executive job in the world than a person who was a mayor and a governor?
Al Gore made the sigh debate tactic famous in the 2000 presidential debates and the ensuing Saturday Night Live parodies of it.
On 6/2/09, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams celebrated this tactic in a comic strip that had Dilbert saying to the pointy-haired boss, “I like what you’ve done with your dismissive scoffing sound.”
In 2010, Nancy Pelosi used a verbal version of this when she said, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” in “response” to the question where in the Constitution is the federal government authority to order Americans to buy health insurance. (Five Supreme Court justices later said it was authorized by the income tax amendment.)
Liberals hate my using examples that make them look bad. Okay. Would some liberal please come up with an example of conservatives or Republicans behaving like this with regard to some Democrat moron like Joe Biden? Let me know when you do. [One said Sarah Palin used the sighing or laughing tactic.]
That’s the end of my debate-tactics item.
There is a danger for Hillary and anyone else who uses this that the American people may decide she’s laughing not at the suggestion of wrongdoing, but at the inability of the American people to ever hold her or her husband responsible for their many crimes. I’ll bet a journalist or debate opponent could sober Hillary up real fast by accusing her of laughing not at the question but at the American people for daring to try to hold the Teflon Couple to account for their incessant misbehavior. Al Capone and John Gotti—the Teflon Don—seemed to push the laughing at the notion that laws applied to them too far. Both ultimately went to prison.
In football coaching, the opponent laughing at you is called “bulletin board material.” It increases the motivation of your opponents to beat you.
I think the Department of Justice and their subsidiary the FBI do not want to get involved. They don’t want to do their job because they don’t want to spend their political capital of the bureaucrat variety on the matter. But when the criminal habitually taunts the lawmen, that equation can change.

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