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Real Estate Investment Strategy, Volume 1

Real Estate Investment Strategy, Volume 1

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"One newsletter I love to read is John T. Reed's Real Estate Investor's Monthly. He's a smart man, a funny writer, and always provocative."
Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek personal finance columnist

I have three books of this real estate investment strategy series:


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    • Deals that make sense: Case studies on subjects like "Rental houses," "Judgment investing," "One-bedroom houses," "Rooming houses," and "Buy two, get one for 2/3 off"
    • The Contrarian Strategy
    • Inflation, appreciation, Prices: What if values don't go up?
    • Geography: location, views, earthquakes, regions
    • Risk and real estate: toxics, calculated risks, protection against uninsurable catastrophes
    • The selective leper strategy
    • The vulture strategy

    The best of John T. Reed's newsletter articles on investment strategy have been put together in one book. Over 100 articles are grouped by category:

    242 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback, $39.95

    Not available in traditional or online book stores

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